Don Hooton believes McGwire is the best man to speak about steroids useMark McGwire may have kept a very private life ever since his retirement from Major League Baseball, but he promised to spread to word against the use of steroids and its ill effects to children. He promised to charge his foundation with the same message.

A few months after the congressional hearings, Don Hooton, father of Taylor Hooton, the high school baseball player who committed suicide, received an envelope containing a check addressed to the Taylor Hooton Foundation. The check was from Mark McGwire’s foundation.

For the past three years, the Taylor Hooton Foundation has been receiving donations from McGwire’s foundation. However, McGwire’s representative requested that the amount of donations must be kept private.

According to Hooton, McGwire’s personality and popularity, especially with the kids would be advantageous for him to spread the message. Since his back in the spotlight, it would be a great opportunity for him to start to speak and get the message relayed across.

Hooton would want to see McGwire use his voice and influence to spread the word about this topic. He would like McGwire to tell the kids the price he paid for getting involved.