Former Juventus Striker Hurt Over Doping Allegations

Fabrizio Ravanelli, former Italy and Juventus striker, has remarked that he is extremely upset and hurt with allegations that he is using doping at Ajaccio. The ex-Juventus star also dismissed cocaine claims as unfounded.

According to reports in French media, Ravanelli who took over as coach of the Ligue 1 club is providing banned supplements to this players. The reports also linked the claims to suspicions that the Italian used illegal drug cocaine while at Olympique de Marseille. The coach is however vehemently denying all allegations and remarked that his image is being tarnished by these allegations that are without evidence. Ravanelli added that he believes in playing clean football and there was only player who had problems with cocaine during his time at Marseille and he wasn’t that person. He went on to add that these allegations hurt him as he is someone who would hold his head up as he never failed thousands of checks and nothing has been found against him.

Affectionately known as the ‘White Feather”, the striker spent the 1996-97 season dazzling Premier League crowds and mesmerizing Boro fans. Ravanelli scored 22 goals in just 40 appearances for Boro and scored a hat trick on his Middlesbrough debut against Liverpool. Fabrizio Ravanelli won five titles with Juventus, which included a Serie A championship in 1995 and a Champions League title in 1996. One of the top goal scorers of Europe in the mid-1990s, Ravanelli scored all five goals in a 5-1 win for Juventus against CSKA Sofia. The moved to Olympique de Marseille after the relegation of Middlesbrough and Marseille finished one point behind Girondins de Bordeaux in the French Division 1 (1998-99 season).

Ravanelli also heaped praise on Giovanissimi Regionali side after their excellent 3-2 victory over Barcelona helped in securing the prestigious Internacional Infantil title in Spain. Ravanelli said he believes the impeccable attitude of Giovanissimi was the secret behind their tournament success. He added we have won an important tournament, a type of Champions League for lads of this age and it’s a deserved victory and a great source of pride for us and the entire Juventus setup. He also remarked that we faced every game with commitment, determination, character, and personality.

In another development, Malaga boss Bernd Schuster has surprised everyone by saying that doping should be permitted as long as its purpose is recovery and not enhancing performance of players. Schuster said he believes doping is absolutely fine if used for regenerative measures. Schuster insisted that he was always given “something” by the medical staff during his active time but he never questioned what type of substances they were as it wasn’t about getting us to run over the pitch with 200 percent, but rather to conquer minor injuries or illnesses. He added doping wasn’t an issue during his active time it makes sense if doping allows a player to reach his full fitness level two to three weeks faster and said he has no problems with doping as long as it is for recovery purposes.

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