Former trooper lessens penalty after pleading guilty to steroid possession Adam Longo, 28, a former state trooper admitted to court last Tuesday to possessing anabolic steroids. A judge asked Longo what his plead was, and he replied that he was guilty of the charges.

He will be sentenced in Natrona County for the next week or so for the felony. His maximum penalty could have been five years of imprisonment, but since his legal counsel bargained a deal with the prosecutors, he only has to face five years probation.

Longo’s name was linked to former Wyoming state trooper, Franklin Ryle Jr.’s case who was accused of kidnapping a Wal-mart truck driver.  According to police investigations, anabolic steroids were discovered inside Ryle’s desk.

Longo admitted to head of Wyoming Highway Patrol, Col. Sam Powell that he had used steroids during the last 18 months and that had given some to Ryle. Longo further added that he obtained the steroids from a local Casper gym.

Since Longo had no criminal record, and the anabolic steroid he possessed was initially for personal use, prosecutors easily agreed to the plea agreement. One prosecutor even said Longo’s cooperation was extraordinary.

He was represented last Tuesday by his lawyer, Michael Krampner.