Goodell asks congress for protection of collective bargaining agreementsSince the blocking of the suspensions of two Minnesota Viking players who tested positive for a banned diuretic substance, Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, plans to ask congress to create a law that could protect collective bargaining agreements from state law changes.

In his testimony for the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing yesterday in Washington, Goodell expressed his belief that a Labor Management Relations Act is amendment is important and necessary to shield the collectively bargained steroid policies from attack under state law.

NFL suspended Kevin and Pat Williams, 2 Minnesota Vikings players and 2 other Saints players for allegedly testing positive for bumetanide, a banned diuretic. Although the players did not test positive for steroids use, they were suspended because diuretics can mask the presence of steroids in the urine.

However, the players filed a counter case, saying the league violated Minnesota testing laws. Furthermore, the players union also filed a similar lawsuit, supporting the players.

In May, a federal judge dismissed the union’s and the Williamses’ cases, although claims on Minnesota workplace laws were sent back to state court. In September, federal court’s decision allowed the players to continue playing while the case is still in state court.