trevor graham steroids‘Interesting’ might be a lackluster word to describe the likely confrontation of Trevor Graham and Angel Heredia in the continuing saga of the BALCO Affair, a nasty exposè in the use of steroids in professional athletics.

As the trial of the now infamous track and field coach Trevor Graham looms, there is now a consensus among legal experts and other observers that Heredia would be a key witness in the long-running federal investigation in the use of steroids by famous athletes.

Angel Guillermo Heredia is identified as Source A in the felony indictment and has cooperated with federal investigators to be a witness three years ago. Well, let’s put it this way – Heredia was given no choice but to cooperate considering investigators presented him with a pile of evidence of his steroid-dispensing and money-laundering activities. Even with steroids in his system, bet you he would never surmount the obstacle, and so he agreed. And since his momentous decision, Heredia has provided prosecutors valuable documentation of this huge steroid scandal including the names of many elite track athletes and Olympic medal winners whom he alleged had used steroids. Heredia has implicated Coach Trevor Graham.

But Graham, who is charged with three counts of making false statements to federal agents, says that he is innocent. Graham is quite vehement that he does not have direct knowledge of and involvement on the athletes’ use steroids. As a defensive maneuver to dismiss the accusations, Graham’s camp says the government’s key witness is a tainted one. They say the case had been built on accusations by Mr. Heredia that “are not true and are merely an effort to attempt to divert attention from his illicit drug dealing and the illicit drug usage by athletes.” They say that up to now Heredia is still a conduit of steroids. Such maneuver, however, has been denied.

Graham’s trial, scheduled on May 19, would surely have an effect of the sports of track and field in particular and the upcoming 2008 Olympics in general.

Graham sums it all up: “The problem with my trial now, you’ve got the Olympic Games coming up. There’s going to be a lot of publicity on a lot of people’s parts who did a lot of things behind closed doors. . . . Now it’s all going to be dragged out in front of the whole world. It’s going to embarrass the United States and it’s going to embarrass these athletes. These athletes are retired. They’ve moved on.”