HCG linked to Ramirez’ suspensionAccording to Ramirez, he was not into steroids. Rather, his doctor gave him a medication for a “personal health issue”.

Each year, baseball players are subjected to a test within five days of reporting to spring training. Another test is then conducted, this time unannounced, and players to be tested are only selected randomly. Within a three-year long period, form the start of spring training in 2008 up to 2011, there will be 1,200 players who will be randomly tested at unannounced dates.

Ramirez provided an HCG – positive urine sample during spring training, according to a reliable source, who divulged the details of the suspension to The Associated Press.

US Anti-doping Agency CEO Travis Tygart acknowledged the fact that they have no knowledge of Ramirez’ personal case, but he believes that it is unlikely that a healthy young athlete would be prescribed HCG for a legitimate medical reason. Tygart further added that he should be aware of the right process that could grant him permission to use the drug, if ever his claims were true.

HCG is popular among steroids users because of its ability to alleviate the unfavorable effects of ending a steroid cycle. It is known to stimulate testosterone production after going off a cycle. Ending a cycle is known to cause a cessation in testosterone production, a decrease in sperm count and a shrinking of testicles.