Well, it’s time for another idiotic gesture by the government, test all high school athletes for steroid use , say what? does anyone know how much this is going to cost the taxpayers.  But , wait , I’m all for drug testing in school , but are they going to test for alcohol , meth/coke /weed /pain killers and other recreational drugs? if not, then the wrong message is being sent to the students about what things are important and what things aren’t.  The horribly underfunded education system is in crisis with USA having on one of the worst education systems among first world countries, and they are spending BILLIONS (that’s right this is going to cost BILLIONS of US dollars to the taxpayers) countrywide to test for, what, steroids??? makes you wonder which government official was smoking crack when they came up with this idiotic idea.

It’s a common known fact that it’s very expensive to test for anabolic steroids (and nearly impossible to test for HGH). The money money spent on steroid testing should go towards more important things such as teacher salaries, updated books , computers and school facilities.    Another reality is that only about 1/4 of 1% of athletes take steroids, which is a tiny amount! I wonder how many smoke pot/weed , I bet at least 40%!
Let’s face it, the US school system is a failure and no amount of idiotic steroid testing will fix it.