Inhaled corticosteroids provide more benefits than cromolyn for asthma patientsA review of studies that were aimed at making comparisons between two asthma treatment options: inhaled corticosteroids and cromolyn has found that asthmatic patients, both adults and children, can exercise a better control and breathe deeper while being on corticosteroids.

James Guevara, M.D., of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and colleagues found out that patients administered with corticosteroids make lesser use of life-saving “inhalers” than their counterparts on cromolyn and even scored better on lung function tests.

Guevara and colleagues noted that the benefits and superiority of inhaled corticosteroids are more than that of cromolyn, irrespective of the severity level of asthma. It was also noted that the results were so decisive that there is absolutely no further need to warrant any more studies to make similar comparisons.