Inhaled Steroids – Beneficial To Pregnant Asthmatic WomenAccording to a study, pregnant women with asthma who are carrying a female baby are more likely to experience a worsening of their asthma than pregnant asthmatic women carrying a baby boy. According to Dr. Peter G. Gibson, the reason for this difference is unknown although he says that female fetus may produce a substance in response to the inflammation of the asthmatic mother’s airways that somehow worsens the asthma.

In a previous study published by Dr. Gibson, mothers with untreated asthma had smaller female babies than mothers whose asthma was treated with steroids during pregnancy. Using of inhaled steroids increased significantly in asthmatic women pregnant with a female fetus than those with male fetuses. Treating pregnant asthmatic women is important because attacks can result in reduced oxygen to the baby, which is needed for normal growth and development.