JIM CORNETTE AIRS SENTIMENTS ON STEROID USE IN WWEContrary to previous reports that Vince McMahon did not encourage the use of steroids, it seems that the selection process for wrestlers in the World Wrestling Entertainment had everything to do with the use of the banned substances. Jim Cornette, veteran commentator, promoter and booker for wrestling, expressed his sentiments over the condition of what wrestling has become today.

He says that wrestlers are forced to get into drugs because their professional career relies heavily on their physical appearance – powerful built, extremely muscular and vicious. The only way to achieve this is if they inject anabolics.

Cornette also gave an analyzed that because of the decrease in job opportunities for professional wrestlers and the pressure of giving the audience hardcore entertainment had them turning into drugs. As in the case of Martin who got fire and was re hired because he looked bigger and more muscular, that is after he used steroids. Vince McMahon has to accept the fact that wrestling is a dying business and careers in WWE are short lived especially for the newcomers.