jose-canseco-steroidsJose Canseco continued his non stop steroid allegations. He is now calling out Alex Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez as 2 guys who used anabolic steroids during their MLB career, but when he was on ABC Nightline he could not produce a source for these allegations. All Jose Conseco could say is: “The timing’s not right.” Meaning he can go an accuse people of steroid use just because he was stupid enough to write a book on steroid use in baseball. No one cares anymore Jose, and no one gives a shit who used steroids in baseball (except maybe congress).

Just look at this joker, Jose Canseco is wearing a see through shirt trying to show off how retarded he can be by looking like a woman. Mr. Canseco please shut up already, no one wants to hear your dirty allegations about anabolic steroids or HGH and no one wants this waste of taxpayer dollars for USA citizens to go on (i.e. steroid investigations by congress).