Justin Gatlin ‘Kicked Out’ By Beijing Meeting Organizers

American sprinter Justin Gatlin has stunned the world of athletics by saying that he was recently “kicked out” of the Beijing World Challenge by meeting organizers.

Gatlin, who has served two doping bans, was all set to race in China after he ran his fastest ever 100m time of 9.74 seconds in Doha. The 33-year-old was unsure about his fitness after a flight to Beijing but looked ready to compete after going through a training session. The sprinter remarked they did not have any respect for me so they said ‘you better leave’.” The sprinter’s manager Renaldo Nehemiah said the sudden departure of Gatlin from Beijing has nothing to do with this controversial reputation. Nehemiah remarked the meeting organizers think Gatlin is injured and they don’t want him here if he is injured. The former 110m hurdles world-record holder Renaldo Nehemiah said Gatlin is a man on a mission and he knows he has only so many races and years left so he’s making every one of them count. Nehemiah added people who aren’t students of the sport don’t realize he was a phenom before he ever got banned.

In reply, Organizers of the Beijing World Challenge denied kicking out Gatlin and remarked they were “perplexed” by claim of the athlete. The meeting’s organizing committee said there had been “no possibility” that they would have said no to the current top sprinter of the world to compete. Liu Jie, deputy director of the organizing committee, said we had been preparing the event assuming Gatlin would run the race and added that there was no way we ‘kicked out’ the athlete. Jie also said the sprinter’s manager did not communicate with us before he announced Gatlin’s withdrawal at the news conference and we never got to speak with Gatlin in person. The deputy director of the organizing committee also remarked that he had no idea that Justin Gatlin was returning back home without competing until he heard Gatlin’s manager announce it at the eve of meeting press conference.

A few hours later, Gatlin said “all is fine” with the Beijing track meet organizers. Gatlin tweeted from his private Twitter account late Tuesday night Eastern Time that he and Beijing Org have great relationship and look forward to being there in August “Worlds” & next year meet. Gatlin remarked he is looking forward to competing in the Pre Classic in Eugene, Oregon, on May 30 and said he is going to drop a bomb out there.

Gatlin, an Olympic gold medalist in the 100 meters, became the world leader of 2014 in the 200 meters when he won the Diamond League event in Monaco in 19.68 seconds.

Justin Gatlin is not new to controversies. His first run-in with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) was apparently due to an attention-deficit drug he was taking since he was eight years old. In 2006, Gatlin was found to have excess Testosterone in his system and received a suspension of four years. However, Gatlin claimed innocence and insisted that the hormone was administered without his knowledge by a masseuse.

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