elizabeth-muthukaIt is now confirmed that Kenyan sprinter Elizabeth Muthuka has failed a steroid test at the July 26 to 28 national championships.

Athletics Kenya (AK) initially has not offered any explanation when Muthuka’s name was not among those who were sent to Beijing. She was the only female sprinter to qualify for the 2008 Olympics and was expected to run at the 400-meter event.

AK’s secretary general David Okeyo explained the reason for the delay in releasing details regarding the athlete’s failed test.

“Yes, Muthuka tested positive at the national championships. We had to treat the matter in confidence because procedural things had to be done to avoid legal issues,” AK secretary general, David Okeyo, said yesterday.

“At the national championships, six athletes were tested for drugs and only her results returned positive. We have forwarded her name to the IAAF. She now has to follow the full procedure if she wants to compete again,” Okeyo added.

“We could not tell you this since we had to wait until we got her B sample test results, which later proved positive. She appeared before AK’s medical board to explain her case and she was found to have no excuse to engage in drug abuse,” Okeyo further explained.

Muthuka’s A and B blood samples tested positive for anabolic steroid nandrolone and was penalized with a two-year ban by AK.

According to The Standard, the sprinter’s women’s 400m national record of 50.82 ran at the Olympic trials will be erased. She was also asked to return the monetary reward, which amounted to Sh10,000, for breaking Ruth Waithera’s record set of 53.3 in 1984. Mathuka was also compelled to give back all other earnings from the track.

Further, her women’s 400m national record of 50.82 ran at the Olympic trials is now considered deleted.