Now you’re wondering, what am I talking about right?

Well, Lee Priest did a shoot/movie style deal and before he did it, obviously he had an infection from shooting steroids.

I don’t know where lee priest buys steroids nor do I really care, but he’s obviously buying his drugs from the wrong supplier, just check out his infection:

If you zoom into the pic, you’ll see where lee priest, a big mouth bodybuilder and one of the best to ever compete in the Mr. Olympia, made the foolish mistake of injecting too many steroids or just using shitty/low grade steroids.  Just take a look at his left shoulder and that’s all you need to know really.

It doesn’t look good…. infections from improper cleaning of the injection site are very bad!
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Remember, the mistake was on lee priest to do such a bad injection, so don’t make the same mistake!!!!