david-jacobs-steroidsIt would seem that jealousy played a role in the murder-suicide case of steroid dealer David Jacobs. Jacobs killed Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell last month with seven gunshots from a .40-caliber semiautomatic Glock 22 that Jacobs also turned on himself. The two were reportedly dating each other on and off since last year.

In May, Jacobs got probation in exchange for his cooperation in the federal investigation of his steroid distribution network. Prior to his death, however, Jacobs has provided only a single name for the investigators – Matt Lehr. Lehr is a former Dallas Cowboy lineman and currently plays with the New Orleans Saints.

Why only Lehr, many asked.

Jacobs said he felt Lehr and his lawyer were untruthful about the NFL player’s role in Jacobs’ steroid distribution network. Plus the fact that Jacobs was jealous of Lehr because of the Lehr’s interest with Earhart-Savell.

Earhart-Savell’s family and friends said Jacobs might have found evidence of a budding romance between his girlfriend and Lehr. Jacobs himself had revealed to The Dallas Morning News that he had suspected the two were interested in each other for months.

“She was in love with me, and I loved her,” said Lehr in a recent interview, the first time he publicly acknowledged his relationship with the deceased figure competitor. Lehr, however, still refused to provide any comments on Jacobs’ steroid allegations.
Lehr was suspended in 2006 for using steroids.