steroids baseballLaughter is not always the best medicine, especially in the case of Christopher Laughter who was sentenced to five-month prison term for Medicare fraud and illegal possession of anabolic steroids.

Apparently, Laughter has always been in a convivial mood – except during his sentencing, of course – so that he was able to con several healthcare programs, including Medicare.
And there’s more. The penitent Laughter was also able to get a plea agreement with prosecutors. He was originally charged with 27-count indictment, which could have put him away for life in some prison cell, crying away the hours for sure.

His volunteer work in a city ballet group might have put him in better light in the judge’s eyes. We just wonder what the precise nature of his participation with the ballet group was. Did he serve juices during rehearsals? Oh, by that we mean orange juices not the type that makes you all juiced up (read: steroids).

One of his attorneys, Kathy Schillaci, pointed out Laughter has no prior criminal record, no longer works in health care, has a low chance of recidivism, and volunteers in church and the community, including in a city ballet group.

Laughter’s wife and about 10 friends and neighbors came to show support.

Judge Currie said she was concerned more about “the fraud aspect of the case” than steroids and said some time in custody was necessary.

Laughter is married with two daughters. His clinic, which was shut down in May 2007 after a raid by the DEA, provided testosterone injections to increase their stamina and libido.