The NFL is fighting a proposed plan to create national steroids policy, why? NFL has one of the highest % of anabolic steroid users as well as human growth hormone users in any sport.   It’s simple, NFL players need anabolic steroids and HGH to recover from injuries and play on a level playing field.  American Football is such a brutal game, they need any help they can get.  On the other hand, NFL has a LOT OF MONEY! some NFL teams are brining in about $250,000,000 per year for the owners – owners who have a lot of pull.  At this point, steroid legislation hit the wrong target – NFL – from now on we’ll see the anti-steroid policies wind down.

Let the NFL commissioners and MLB  commissioners deal with steroids and HGH, NOT congress!

Members of Congress said Wednesday they plan to introduce legislation creating a national steroids policy, a proposal immediately opposed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and players’ representatives from football and baseball.