New Orleans Saints pair would still be able to playNew Orleans Saints Will Smith and Charles Grant would still be able to play just like the two Viking players.

Grant and Smith have a case similar to that of the Williamsons. They also unknowingly ingested a banned diuretic contained in a weight loss product. The diuretic was known to mask the presence of anabolic steroids.

The NFL may have decided not to suspend the pair after the other two players took legal action, which resulted for their suspension to be put on hold.

According to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in a written statement, the primary goal of the league is to uphold fairness, effectiveness, and integrity of their program.

He believes that the appropriate step to take is to defer the suspensions of the four players while discussions regarding legal options continue with the National Football League Players Association.

According to players, the National Football League knew that the supplement StarCaps contained bumetanide but did not inform the players who were using it.

The league argued that they made the necessary actions according to the testing program. Whatever the players ingested, even if unknowingly, is still the responsibility of the player.