NFL commissioner sends a friendly reminder to NFL payers regarding PEDs useWith all the athletes who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and their common excuse of not being aware that what they were taking contained PEDs, it is only sensible that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and executive director of the Players’ Association, DeMaurice Smith send a “friendly” reminder regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs or nutritional supplements.

According to ESPN reports, the summary of the commissioner’s reminders are as follows:

Any athlete is responsible for his own body. Therefore, the common excuse of taking a nutritional supplement containing an undeclared performance-enhancing substance is NOT an excuse if a doping test is failed.

Second, take any supplements at your own risk. There are nutritional supplements certified by the Sports Nutrition Label Certification Program, however, if you want anything not approved by this program, then you must be responsible for the consequences. These supplements ay contain ingredients that may cause you to test positive.

Third, weight loss supplements are as risky as any other supplements; therefore, you must not take them. One example is the weight loss supplement, StarCaps that caused two Vikings and Saints players to fail their doping tests.

Lastly, any questions regarding supplements must be addressed by Dr. John Lombardo, the administrator of the league’s policy on steroids and other related substances.