David Jacobs steroidsIs the NFL next in the steroid witch hunt? well it seems this is the first step to POSSIBLE steroid probes by congress into NFL, but of course it’s not likely. NFL teams are worth BILLIONS of USD, and they have a lot of power to make sure nothing happens to them. We expect any steroid probes into David Jacobs selling steroids to Matt Lehr (offensive lineman NFL) to be on the state level and maybe a little federal involvement, but it’s unlikely to see congress.

The story of David Jacobs selling steroids to Matt Lehr is simple. David Jacobs was a big steroid dealer who ended up supplying a ton of steroid and HGH users in the NFL, one of which was Matt Lehr. Matt Lehr decided to buy steroids from David while he was playing in the NFL, and he made a big mistake. Now, David is snitching on Matt Lehr and throwing him under the bus to get a lighter sentencing. All in all we will hear more of this but not the caliber of steroid probes into the NFL and such.

Convicted Plano steroids trafficker David Jacobs said publicly for the first time this weekend that he sold large amounts of illegal performance-enhancing drugs to ex-Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Matt Lehr.

He also said that in 2006, Mr. Lehr used a hair-loss-prevention drug that can also act as a masking agent for steroid use. Mr. Jacobs said federal investigators confiscated a bottle of that medicine from Mr. Jacobs – a bottle he says Mr. Lehr gave to him. The label bore an NFL team logo, along with Mr. Lehr’s name, Mr. Jacobs said.