NINTH GRADE GIRLS FASCINATED BY STEROIDSSurvey showed that American school girls are very much getting attracted to the much shaped up body like models and want to be toned up right from class ninth. To achieve this, the use of steroids has been substantially increased past years among the teenage group. These girls are trying their hands on testosterone pills as a factor for body building and growth.

Researchers have seen 5 percent of high school girls and 7 percent of middle-school girls which are presently consuming these steroids. Apart from the girls participating in sports and athletics, other girls are very much using such steroids as a weight control and body fat reduction dose.

Also it was found that these steroids were quiet effective in weight loss and much more effective than swimming which was quicker as well. The girls who were found using steroids were mainly suffering from eating disorders and were interested to give themselves with a muscular look to themselves.

Though it was suggested by Small, “that the steroids can be effective, only if you start using them since grade three rather than in grade ninth as otherwise it may cause side effects.”