Oral controllers better than corticosteroids for asthma managementAsthma patients in general experience improved clinical outcomes with oral controllers than inhaled corticosteroids. This finding appeared in Mayo Clinic Proceedings that were published in a peer-reviewed comparative effectiveness study performed by HealthCore, Inc. in its August edition.

Dr. Joseph Singer, vice president of clinical affairs for HealthCore, the outcomes research subsidiary for WellPoint, said that the study was requested to ensure that WellPoint’s National Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee’s drug formulary for asthma therapies was aligned with their real-world use and outcomes.

Lead authors of the HealthCore study were HealthCore researchers Hiangkiat Tan, Chaitanya Sarawate and Dr. Joseph Singer. Other authors included Dr. Kurt Elward, Dr. Rubin Cohen, Dr. Brian Smart, Dr. Michael Busk, Dr. James Lustig, Dr. Jeana O’Brien, and Dr. Michael Schatz.