Oral supplements found to have anabolic steroidsPotent anabolic steroids were recently found to as one of the component in two of the oral nutritional supplements both manufactured by the same drug company. A lab test was conducted by a Dutch website ergogenics.com and they found Furagano and Oxyguno to contain anabolic steroids.

Previously, Miotolan (Furazabol), a Japanese drug containing steroids was used by Ben Johnson, an Olympic athlete, before he was found to be positive in the doping test conducted.

Furagano was found to have the same effect as that of Furazabol. Both share a high ratio of anabolic to androgenic effect. It has no estrogenic effect and a minimal androgenic side effect. Furagano is an unusual oral anabolic steroid since it is non-methylated. Many bodybuilders opt for this product since it is taken orally and diminishes fear of needles or any infection to the injection site. However, one risk it brings is the reduction of good cholesterol (high density lipoprotein), which makes the user at risk for cardiovascular disease.