Rick collins did a good job in defending himself agains the BS (possible slander?) this newspaper put out towards
his name.

He clearly states the facts of what is what here, VERY clearly! Read it all…
it’s important to read Rick Collin’s legal views on steroids and HRT, as he is by far the BEST legal
expert when it comes to steroids.  The only lawyer I would trust to defend a steroid related case.


Article on steroid investigation mischaracterized adviser’s views on use 

First published: Tuesday, March 13, 2007
I am dismayed at the incorrect statements in your recent article, “Adviser to pharmacies in steroids case identified.” The author mischaracterizes me as a “staunch advocate of steroid use in general” and without even speaking to me misstates my personal views.
While as indicated in my book “Legal Muscle: Anabolics in America” (which is referenced in the article) my stance has been critical of certain laws regarding anabolic steroid use by mature adults under the supervision of knowledgeable physicians, I have vigorously condemned steroid abuse by teenagers and have written so in my book and in numerous articles.

I have repeatedly condemned the use of steroids by cheating competitive athletes, and have voiced my support for the ban on steroids in sports. I have advocated against the abuse of black market steroids. I have always urged adherence to the law.

The members of my law firm and I stand on our reputation for the highest levels of ethics and our professional obligation to serve our many and varied clients.

Providing accurate legal advice and information is exactly what we as lawyers should do, and we are proud of having done so. My firm has always made clear to our clients that the current law does not permit anabolic steroids to be prescribed for other than a legitimate medical purpose and within the usual course of professional practice in a valid physician-patient relationship.

My firm has been consulted by physicians, clinics and pharmacies that practice in the area of hormone replacement regarding the legalities of prescribing and dispensing testosterone and human growth hormone.

We have never provided a “blueprint” for how to operate any corporate entity. The vast majority of our clients are operating long before they call us.

Most contact us after hearing one of my public lectures, which have been delivered to many hundreds of members of the medical community, that caution about the risks of breaking the law and counsel to follow the law.

My presentations, in fact, cite examples of physicians who have been arrested, prosecuted and convicted for running afoul of laws in this area. Significantly, much of our work involves companies who call us because they are already under investigation and are seeking clarification about the complex myriad of applicable federal laws and regulations.

Being disparaged because of unique knowledge of a particular legal field is disconcerting, defamatory and negatively impacts everyone’s right to have competent legal representation. We firmly stand by our advice.


Collins, McDonald & Gann, P.C.

Carle Place, New York