well you’d never imagine that PGA stars are juicing up lol, but it’s true, according to this latest anti-steroid rant, do golfers use anabolic steroids ?

I doubt it, unless it’s the old men on HRT or TRT

but then again, who knows, soon GOLF will be on the front page of the sports page for Tiger Woods juicing with Tren ;) haha



If you people don’t stop equating steroid use – which should be outlawed in professional golf – with steroid abuse (which is dumb as hell, illegal – and should be outlawed in pro golf), I’m going to rip off someone’s head off and chuck it in the Barry Burn!

Taking steroids is seen by the governing bodies of most sports as an unfair advantage. Keep in mind that “taking steroids” does NOT have to mean gaining huge amounts of unsightly muscle. ‘Roids were developed for legit medical purposes, people! In summer months, I shoot a steroid spray into my nose to combat grass pollen allergies. My grandma took steroids when she tore up her knee in a fall! Obviously, that isn’t what we’re talking about here. (Grandma could barely bench 175.)

But the point is, it takes an intentionally high dose of steroids to bulk up ala Barry Bonds’ melon. But lower doses would still help golfers combat fatigue, especially as the years rack up and it gets late in the season. Lower doses wouldn’t have to result in an amount of muscle that would help a little guy rip the ball 330 yards off the tee, but they would still be an unfair advantage (even if you think Gary Player is full of it).

So if I read one more blogger or pundit riffing about how huge muscles wouldn’t help a golfer, or about how – because they’re not seeing any muscle-bound Chris Benoit-look-alikes on tour, steroids aren’t a problem – I’m going to bash in my screen with a nine-iron, tear the computer out of the wall and smash your face with it.

And one other thing ……. ‘roid rage is a total myth, you pencil neck.