Semenya found to have abnormally high testosterone levelCaster Semenya, the 18-year-old South African runner who won the gold in the 800 meters at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin, was found to have three times the normal testosterone level.

According to BBC, reports regarding Semenya’s results leaked due to a fax letter sent to a wrong person.

Although high hormone levels does not always translate to a positive doping test, the results added to International Association of Athletics Federation’s insistent request for a gender verification.

Her preliminary medical test was performed in South Africa just days before leaving for Berlin for the World Championships.

Britain’s Telegraph reported that South African team head coach was Dr. Ekkart Arbeit, the same person who was accused by former East German athlete, Heidi Krieger now known as Andreas Krieger, of forcing her to use steroids. Damage was so severe that she had to undergo a sex change, where she now lives as a man.

It was not clear though, how closely Dr. Arbeit worked with Semenya.

IAAF representatives asked the South African team to withdraw Semenya from competition after the release of the findings.

Leonard Cheune, president of the South African athletics body and official representative of South Africa in the IAAF board, resigned his post in the IAAF. This is in protest to the association’s treatment of Semenya. According to him, it would be a conflict of interest if he will attack the board while still remaining as a member of its council.

From Brisbane Times:

Preliminary medical tests on the South African athlete at the centre of a gender row reportedly showed triple the normal female level of testosterone in her body.