SHOOLTZ CAUGHT FOR DISTRIBUTION OF STEROIDSPossession of steroids is considered a criminal offense. If caught you can face jail term and possibly pay fines. That is what happened to Ryan Shooltz, 25, who was caught in the distribution of anabolic steroids. Police found steroids and human growth hormones in his apartment. He admitted being guilty as charged and was ordered by US Judge Michael J. Ponsor to pay $10,000 and remain three years in probation. Shooltz was also sentenced to three hundred hours of community service. Ponsor also added that this would humble Shooltz saying that the defendant might have to report even on Saturdays and serve for 8 hours in the next 3 years.

US Attorney Kevin O’Regan requested that Shootlz should serve at a federal halfway house because distribution of steroids is a serious crime and therefore should have heavy punishment as well.

Shooltz earned about $10,000 to $15,000 for distributing steroids, according to Thomas Lesser, Defense Attorney. According to The Republican, statistics show that 17,000 have died for abuse of painkillers and cocaine use. O’Regan said that steroid rings exist because of greed, not because many wanted to use the illegal substances. The use of steroids is not to buff up the body but because of money.