star-player-tejada-charged-for-misleading-congressEnded in a typical justified manner, the federal court on Thursday charged star player Miguel Tejada with a fine of $5,000 and a sentence of probation, 100 hours of community service for misleading Congress. Though, U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Kay didn’t put any restriction on the player’s travel.

In a 23-minute hearing, Tejada admitted that he mislead the Congress about the use of steroids by his collegues. He confessed that he withheld information about an ex-teammate’s use of performance-enhancing drugs during questionaire in 2005 by congressional investigators. He told Alan Kay that he took full responsibility for not answering the question.

Tejada apologized to Congress, to the court and to baseball fans and said, “I learned a very important lesson.” He also admitted that he himself bought human growth hormone while playing for the Oakland Athletics but didn’t use them.

In a strict sense, Steven Durham, Assistant U.S. Attorney, told the court that “People have to know that when Congress asks questions, it is serious business.” He also said, “And if you don’t tell the truth, we can prove you haven’t told the truth — then there will be accountability.”

Tejada is the first high-profile player from baseball whose name appeared with a steroid issue. A warning messgae was also given to another baseball star, Roger Clemens.

Tejada’s controversial steroid case had its roots in the March 17, 2005 during congressional hearings on use of steroids in baseball. At that time, Rafael Palmeiro, a teammate of Tejada denied his role in using drugs but pointed the doubt fingers towards Tejada. Though, Palmeiro was suspended after failing a drug test later that year only. During his investigation he said that the positive test must have been caused by a tainted B-12 vitamin injection given to him by Tejada. And this led investigators to look for Tejada.

In a statement issued by the Astros team, general manager Ed Wade said, “We’re happy that this issue is resolved.” He also said, “Miguel can now focus on baseball and direct all of his energy toward being a key member of the Astros. It was resolved the way Miguel and his representatives believed it would be, and we can now all move forward.”