Angel Memo Heredia SteroidsTen percent is what it might take to convict Trevor Graham.

When Angel ‘Memo’ Heredia heard that federal authorities had blown the cover off of the biggest steroid scandal ever, he began destroying documents that could spell out prison term to him. All he saved was about 10% of the paper trail, and many legal observers say that could make all the difference in the world for former sprint coach Trevor Graham.

Heredia is now a very cooperative witness for the prosecution against defendant Graham. He is expected to stand witness during the trial of Graham, which started Monday and is expected to be over in two weeks time. Just several days since the trial began, Heredia already squeaked out a mountain of incriminatory testimony against Graham.

Heredia said that throughout the 1990s, he had supplied Graham steroids and other drugs for the use of Graham’s Sprint Capitol athletes. He said there were instances when he sent steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs directly to those athletes, including Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, Jerome Young, Antonio Pettigrew and Dennis Mitchell. There were also times when he sent steroids and other drugs via Graham, according to Heredia.

And Heredia has the remaining 10% paper trail to back his testimony. He’s got shipping and money transfer receipts, photos as well as blood test results to show the jury and the whole courtroom. Indeed, it was a show-and-tell testimony to the glee of the prosecution panel.

Prosecutors also played tapes of secretly recorded conversations between their informant Heredia and Graham in 2006, in which the two men seemed to have a close (closer than what had Graham has admitted to) with each other.

Graham has repeatedly denied that he did not lie with the federal investigators when they asked about his relationship with Heredia several years back. According to Graham, his association with Heredia was limited to just one innocent phone conversation with the guy.