Read this thread on forums, I was a bit interested in the discussion:

Here is a “so called” list of side effects of steroids

•    high blood pressure
•    increased total cholesterol levels
•    increased acne
•    hair loss and baldness
•    prostate cancer
•    gynecomastia (gyno)
•    excessive hair growth
•    liver damage (often caused by high doses of oral administration)
•    excessive growth of oral gums

Let’s review the list 1 by 1, with TRUE/FALSE and explanations

1) high blood pressure: TRUE, but only from water retention.  Simple usage of an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex and drinking water, will solve this.

2)  increased total cholesterol levels: TRUE, but only in small  amount and nothing  DAILY flaxseed oil intake can’t help with.  CYCLING steroids  for short period of time is the key.  i.e. not abusing your body.

3)  increased acne: TRUE, but only for some people.  Daily anti-bacterial/anti-acne  face wash and body  was along with moisturizers  take care of this problem.

4) hair loss and baldness: TRUE, but only for some people.  Has a simple fix, stay away from DHT related steroids, and stick to simple testosterone only cycles with finastride or dutastride always. (proscar etc.)

5) prostate cancer:  FALSE, NO steroid  except anadrol has ever had ANY links to cancer.  Anadrol ONLY had INdirect links to liver  toxicity! (which CAN cause cancer)

6) gynecomastia (gyno): TRUE, but easily fixed with usage of an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex for estrogenic gynecomastia and  prolactin gyno can be fixed with dostinex/bromocriptine.

7) excessive hair growth: TRUE, but only for some.  Solution = use a razor.

8)  liver damage (often caused by high doses of oral administration): TRUE, if you abuse orals such as  anadrol  and dianabol, but CYCLE your steroids and only stay on orals  for short period of time, and you’ll be fine.

9)  excessive growth of oral gums: FALSE,  no two ways about it, this is false.