wwe-steroidsAlmost all types of sports have different ways of identifying which players are doing something “illegal” in order to get ahead of the game. Most of these ways are quite efficient, and the athletes, righteously charged. This is probably why Representative Henry A. Waxman was rather surprised when he found out discrepancies in the anabolic steroid testing of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

In his efforts to expose steroid use in all sports, Waxman revealed that during the first year of steroid testing of WWE, a good 40% of the wrestlers were tested positive amidst warnings that they were going to be tested. Further investigations led to Dr. David Black, the independent third party hired to do the drug testing for WWE. Interviews showed a lax policy on steroid use. Dr. Black stated that wrestlers who were supposed to be suspended continued to wrestle even when WWE has a policy that any violation would meet certain suspensions.

As for TNA, several wrestlers were tested positive not only for steroid use but for other drugs as well. TNA has just started its anti-drug testing program a year ago.

Waxman concluded that evidences show that steroid and drug use in professional wrestling is widespread, and the committees who are supposed to be in charge of this are not doing their jobs efficiently.