There is a lot of discussion about steroids being performance enhancing drugs, but that’s not true.  Anabolic Steroids are actually appearance enhancing drugs.  Let me explain! performance enhancing drugs would mean that everyone who uses steroids uses them to increase performance; however, that is NOT true! the fact is, 99% (yes 99%) of steroid users use them for appearance enhancing.  Thus steroids are clearly appearance enhancing drugs not performance enhancing drugs.  What you hear in the media is always performance based because how can they report on the appearance enhancing factors if they aren’t scary? I mean a guy trying to look good and lean instead of some fat ass couch potato ? how can you make that evil!

appearance enhancing  = botox, liposuction, collagen , steroids

performance enhancing drugs = meth, coke,speed , EPO and so on, and ONLY in 1 % of cases steroids