nfl-steroids-dopingMinnesota Vikings Pat and Kevin Williams, who received a four-game suspension each on Tuesday for violating NFL’s policy on anabolic steroids and related substances, may see action in Sunday’s match at Detroit.

The two tackles were granted temporary restraining order by Hennepin County District Court Judge Gary Larson and they are now back at their team’s active roster. Larson’s ruling, however, could be reversed depending on the outcome of the full hearing he will have with the league.

The NFL, of course, was displeased with the issuance of the TRO. It said in a statement:  “The NFL policy on steroids and related substances is a collectively bargained program between the league and the NFL Players Association. The program and the collective bargaining agreement expressly bar precisely this kind of lawsuit.

“All of the steroid program’s rules and procedures are established in agreement with the players’ union. In other words, the players have agreed to the rules and the procedures that they are now challenging. There is no merit to this lawsuit, and we will promptly seek to have the order reversed.”

Dan Nash, a lawyer for the NFL, said  he will  consult with the league.
“I’m not sure what our next step will be,” he said.

More background scoop from Star Tribune:

Random drug testing revealed July 26 that both players had bumetanide in their systems. They claimed they took the substance to lose weight. Neither player showed traces of anabolic steroids or urine dilution, the lawsuit noted.

But the NFL suspended both players for four games and upheld the suspensions after both players appealed Nov. 20 in New York. “The instant suspensions provide the NFL with a politically palatable solution to convincing public officials that the league is seriously policing the use of steroids,” the players’ legal documents said.

But Dan Nash countered there is no dispute the players took a banned substance. “It doesn’t matter whether you took them to mask a steroid or whether you took them to lose weight,” he said.