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Wednesday 10, Jul 2013

  Easy To Buy Illegal Performance Drugs In Turkey

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Easy To Buy Illegal Performance Drugs In Turkey

A study by two university students from Turkey has revealed that it is extremely easy to access illegal performance enhancing drugs in Turkey.

A thesis research conducted by Kevser Çiftçi and Tuğba Köksal, graduate students at Hacettepe University’s School of Sports Sciences and Technology, showed that obtaining drugs without prescription was quite easy. The students went to 150 pharmacies in Ankara and asked for erythropoietin (EPO), which is a medicine usually illegal to sell without a medical prescription. They reported that they were able to obtain EPO in 127 pharmacies out of the 150, which were located in three different neighborhoods of Ankara.

EPO, which is usually used to cure kidney problems and anemia, is on the blacklist of the World Anti-Doping Agency and that it could be detected with the biologic passport. Çiftçi said the fact that they asked if we were sportsmen in some of the pharmacies shows that this medicine is used in sporting activities.

In the last few months, doping by Turkish athletes has been prominent with Olympic champion Aslı Çakır Alptekin and European champion Nevin Yanıt facing allegations of doping in April this year. After the allegations, the two were left out of the Turkish squad and also suspended from international competitions. Eight weightlifters were left off the Turkish national squad ahead of the Mediterranean Games, which took place between June 20 and 30 in Turkey’s Mersin, after testing positive for doping. The country’s problems with doping were accepted by Turkish Athletics Federation (TAF) Chairman Mehmet Terzi who said 24 athletes were suspected of doping this year and added the federation’s battle with doping would continue, claiming that doping figures would decrease by September.

Haydar Demirel, a member of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey Anti-Doping Commission and principal of the Hacettepe University School of Sports Sciences and Technology, remarked it was concerning that illegal performance enhancing material could be found easily. Demirel added we know that the age to start using doping has fallen considerably and a youngster can go to the pharmacy and obtain [drugs] if he wishes to try it. He further added that Alex Schwarzer, an Italian athlete who was suspended from his national team before the 2012 London Olympics because of doping, had said he obtained the drugs from Antalya without a prescription.

      The 2008 Olympic race walk champion who was expelled from the London Games for doping said he flew alone to Turkey in September with 1,500 euros (now $1,850) to buy the blood booster EPO at a pharmacy. The athlete while recounting how he hid the banned substance in the home he was sharing with star figure skater Carolina Kostner had remarked he disguised it in a box of vitamins in a refrigerator at Kostner’s home in Germany, where he was staying in July. He had added that it was easy to access such drugs in countries like Turkey. Schwarzer was accurate in his statement, according to Demirel.

The illegal sale of EPO was confirmed by Secretary-general of the Turkish Pharmacists’ Association Harun Kızılay who added they would investigate into the issue.

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Monday 27, May 2013

  IOC Set To Combat Gene Doping

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IOC Set To Combat Gene Doping

Olympic officials and scientific experts will meet in China to review the progress in developing a test for gene doping, the potential future of cheating in sports.

Researchers have made significant advances in devising a test, leaving officials hopeful a method can be approved soon for use at the Olympics and other events, IOC medical commission chairman Arne Ljungqvist said and added quite some progress has been made in terms of outlining the scientific basis for analysis of gene doping and we are moving and it’s promising.

On June 5-6, up to 40 experts from around the world will meet in Beijing to discuss recent findings and how to move forward in combatting the threat of athletes manipulating their genes to boost sports performance. The meeting is being organized by the World Anti-Doping Agency in conjunction with China’s national anti-doping agency. It will be the Olympic movement’s fourth symposium on gene doping, following previous conferences in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, in 2002; Stockholm in 2005; and St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2008.

Ljungqvist, also a WADA vice president, said there have been scientific studies which are quite promising and we feel it’s time to review this within the context of a small symposium of specialists.”

Gene doping, which is prohibited by the IOC and WADA, involves transferring genes directly into human cells to blend into an athlete’s own DNA to enhance muscle growth and increase strength or endurance. It is an illegal offshoot of gene therapy, which typically alters a person’s DNA to fight diseases like muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis.

WADA director general David Howman said we want to continue the momentum that we’ve got so we can get into a scenario where the detection methods can be approved.

In 2010, two groups of scientists – one in Germany and a US-French research team – said they developed gene doping tests in what WADA described at the time as a major breakthrough. One was a blood test that would detect doping as far back as 56 days, while the other was for detecting genetic doping in muscles. However, the tests have not been validated and hopes they could be used at the 2012 London Olympics were not realized.

Ljungqvist said when you have a scientific method, that is one thing, but you need to develop a technique and make good use of it and we have a reasonably good scientific basis and we’ll have to discuss how to develop this further now.

The IOC and WADA say there is no evidence that athletes are gene doping, but warn that it may be only a matter of time. We know that those who wish to take a chance and cheat are ready to do anything, Ljungqvist said and also remarked we’ve had people who are researching into this and they have been approached by coaches and the like. But we don’t have any evidence suggesting this is yet in place.

Howman said WADA has received information about people looking on the black market for access to gene doping methods and also remarked that nothing has amounted that is sufficient to be able to put together a case and we don’t discount the fact that people are fiddling around with it and certainly that possibility exists.

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Thursday 29, Mar 2012

  China tells its athletes to avoid meat before Olympics

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Russian anti-doping agency Rusada has revealed that China has advised its athletes against eating meat before the 2012 London Olympics as it may contain the banned substance clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol is commonly fed to livestock to bulk them up and keep the meat lean, but the substance is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

“We have collected sufficient evidence to demonstrate that in some countries there is a risk of eating meat that might be contaminated so we say to athletes that they should be sensible and cautious about where they eat,” Howman said.

Wednesday 29, Jun 2011

  James Stanton accepts doping ban

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James Stanton accepts doping banThe bid of Australian water polo star James Stanton for competing at a third successive Olympic Games is over after he reluctantly accepted a two-year doping ban.

Australia’s goalkeeper at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, Stanton tested positive for the anabolic agent clenbuterol in an out-of-competition test in Perth on September 15 last year.

“I plan to keep training on my own during the extent of the ban so as to demonstrate to the coaches and supporters that I am serious about returning and that this will not be the end of my career,” Stanton said.

Tuesday 12, Apr 2011

  Steroids Import Licenses Established By The States Of Guernsey

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Steroids Import Licenses Established By The States Of Guernsey People keen to import steroids in Guernsey will now need to apply for an appropriate license.

The British government has strengthened the law to curb drug use in the 2012 London Olympics that are a few months away.

States have decided to follow suit and launch licenses.

Wednesday 16, Feb 2011

  Licensing to import steroids introduced by Guernsey States

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Licensing to import steroids introduced by Guernsey StatesIndividuals who want to import steroids into Guernsey must now apply for the appropriate licence.

The UK government has tightened the law surrounding to the drugs with the 2012 London Olympics approaching.

The States has decided to follow suit and launch licensing.