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Wednesday 09, Dec 2009

  Athletes using Performance enhancing drugs more likely to abuse alcohol

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Athletes using Performance enhancing drugs more likely to abuse alcoholAccording to a new research in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, college athletes using performance enhancing drugs run a greater risk of abusing alcohol and other recreational drugs than those not making a use of them. It was also highlighted that these troubled athletes also run a higher risk of failing tests, getting into fights, and missing classes.

It was remarked by study co-author Dr. Robert J. Pandina, director of the Center of Alcohol Studies at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey, that these athletes are not only abusing recreational drugs and alcohol but are also suffering from health complications.

Pandina was of the view that athletes make use of performance enhancing drugs after seeing the “utilitarian value” of using recreational drugs but may end up falling stressed.




Wednesday 30, Sep 2009

  Growing use of steroids among teenage girls

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Growing use of steroids among teenage girlsAccording to results of a national survey published in the June issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, the use of steroids among teenage girls is not just limited to those being a part of professional athletics and is also concerned with a variety of other health-endangering behaviors.

These findings have pinpointed critical associations among girls making use of steroids as per the authors. It is believed that high-risk girls tend to receive less of attention than adolescent boys, perhaps reflecting that their actions are less socially.

Sunday 23, Aug 2009

  Use of Steroids among teen girls

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Use of Steroids among teen girlsAccording to results of a national survey published in the June issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, the use of steroids among teen girls is just not limited to those actively involved in competitive athletics. It was also revealed that the usage of steroids is often associated with cluster of other health-harming behaviors, including diet pills and smoking.

Diane L. Elliot, M.D., of the Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, and colleagues made assessments for use of anabolic steroid among teen girls and raised questions about use of ecstasy, steroids, and other behaviors.

From News-Medical.Net:

“Adolescent girls reporting anabolic steroid use had significantly more other health-harming behaviors,” they continue. “They were much more likely to use other unhealthy substances, including past 30-day use of cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.” Young female steroid users were also more likely to:

  • have had sexual intercourse before age 13
  • have been pregnant
  • drink and drive or have ridden with a drinking driver
  • carry a weapon
  • have been in a fight on school property in the past year
  • have feelings of sadness or hopelessness almost every
  • day for at least two weeks
  • have attempted suicide

More than two-thirds of the teen girls surveyed reported trying to change their weight. However, those who used steroids were more likely to turn to extreme weight-loss techniques, including vomiting and laxative use. “Anabolic steroids are body-shaping agents and cause a loss in body fat and an increase in lean tissue; therefore, their association with unhealthy weight loss practices was not surprising,” the authors write.

It was also found that high-risk adolescent girls received less attention than adolescent boys, which somehow suggest that their actions were found to be less socially and more personally destructive.

Monday 12, Jan 2009


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hs-steroidsThe high school athletes of Palm Beach County now don’t have to wonder how it would be like to be in the Major Leagues or in the Olympics. The school board is highly considering having their athletes tested for use of alcohol and of illegal drugs. All that is needed is the board’s final approval for the tests (similar to those district employees receive) to be randomly used on the baseball and softball teams of six high schools.

Tests to detect anabolic steroid use will be added to the program later on and had already gotten the support of Elaine Taulé, the writer of the grant and also the president of to company who would do the tests.

Students who test positive for alcohol, steroids or any illegal drugs will not be removed from the team at first. They will not be able to play for 10 days, although they would be allowed to practice. They will only be booted out of their teams when tested positive for the second time. Coaches and other officials believe that the tests would teach the students discipline and hopefully, help them in guiding these students to the right path. This seems to be working since only one athlete was found positive for steroids among the 600 samples tested last year.

Thursday 25, Sep 2008

  Aussie CBD killer blames cocktail of illegal drugs, alcohol and steroids for the shootings (Oh, these criminals would even blame their dogs for their bad behavior!)

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hells-angelsHells Angels’ bikie Christopher Wayne Hudson received a life sentence with a minimum of 35 years for his murderous rampage which took place June 18, 2007 in the crowded Central Business District of Melbourne.

The 31-year-old Hudson seriously wounded his girlfriend Kara Douglas and Paul de Waard while fatally shooting Brendan Keilar. The shooting happened in broad daylight, around 8:20 in the morning, as CBD employees rushed to work.

Hudson claimed the shootings were not planned, suggesting that his overindulgence of steroids, amphetamines, and alcohol was what had driven him to commit the atrocious crime.

Judge Paul Coghlan’s sentencing of Hudson on September 22 was welcomed by Australians who were shocked by the event. The Herald Sun reported from inside the court during the sentencing, painting a seemingly calm Hudson.

Hudson sat impassively as the judge read out his sentencing remarks in the Supreme Court, a few hundred metres from the scene of the carnage that brought the whole city centre to a standstill.

When he was brought into the prisoners dock this morning Hudson turned round and smiled at a number of heavily tattooed mates who were at the back of the packed court.

Some wore Hells Angels colours and T-shirts and after the sentence they consoled Hudson’s father outside the court.

Hudson pleaded guilty to one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of intentionally causing serious injury.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of being a prohibited person to use an unregistered firearm – a charge laid over a separate incident days earlier involving AFL Collingwood star Alan Didak.

Justice Coghlan decribed Hudson’s behavior as ‘appalling’  and the shooting spree that transpired at the corner of Flinders Lane and William St. as a crime that “shocked the public conscience”.

“These events occurred at a place where ordinary are entitled to feel safe,” Justice Coghlan said.

“Two of your victims were not known to you and were shot for doing no more than trying to help the young woman you were assaulting. She was shot too.

“None of your victims represented any threat to you, imagined or otherwise,” Judge Coghlan continued.

Forty-three-year old Keilar, a solicitor and a father of three, died at the scene. De Waard, then 25-year-old backpacker from the Netherlands, was shot two times in the chest and once in the abdomen. Douglas sustained serious gunshot wounds and had a kidney removed due to injuries.

Keilar and De Waard played good Samaritans, but paid high price for it. When the two saw Hudson dragging Douglas from a taxi by the hair, they tried to come to her rescue. That was when Hudson pulled out a gun and shot at the three victims.

A few hours prior to that fatal incident, Hudson physically assaulted Autumn Daly-Holt, a stripper at one of St. King’s numerous night clubs. His vicious attack on Daly-Holt was caught on security cameras.

Hudson had figured in numerous altercations with the law with 60-plus prior convictions. Many of his crimes were against women and involved the use of weapons. Six days before the CBD shootings, Hudson reportedly fired a pistol from the window of his car. AFL’s Alan Didak had been with Hudson during the incident. Apparently the two were drinking together earlier in the evening.

Hudson is currently appealing the verdict.

Saturday 28, Jun 2008

  Are steroids that bad?

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There is much talk about how bad steroids are, which is of course false.  Did you know that almost half a million people (a little over 400,000) die from smoking every year? or did you know that almost 100,000 (past 80,000) die from drinking alcohol per year? and did you know that there have been 0 (thats right ZERO) deaths linked to anabolic steroids !

In fact, steroids are routinely used to help AIDS patients and cancer patients, over and over for the past 30 plus years! that’s right, millions of people have relied on steroids to safe their lives.  How many people do you know that rely on smoking or alcohol to save their life? NONE!

Wednesday 18, Jun 2008

  Workers plotted to buy steroids with health insurance

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) – The director of Puerto Rico’s state-owned power company says 80 employees could lose their jobs because they apparently used thei

Why is it a bad idea to buy steroids with your health insurance from work? well, that’s because you’ll probably be caught and fired for buying steroids while on the job or with public money.  Stupid as it may be , the story gets worse.

The ignorance of government officials doesn’t fail to amaze us, as NO ONE has ever died from taking steroids.  That’s right, there is no 1 shred of medical evidence that anabolic steroids have caused even 1 fatality.  However, these idiots are saying this:

Jorge Rodriguez says that two workers have already been fired. He told a local radio station on Wednesday that the workers involved would have died had they consumed the amount of steroids bought in recent years.

It’s impossible to die from taking steroids, but this government official felt like it was ok to lie and show off his ignorance to the general public.  He forgot to mention anything about smoking and alcohol.

Did you know:
Smoking is responsible for nearly 1 in 5 deaths in the United States
Each year about 438,000 people in the United States die from illnesses related to cigarette smoking
Each year about 85,000 in the USA alone die from alcohol related deaths
Each year there are 0 (zero) proven deaths from steroids , all well educated doctors are well behind this FACT

Basically, if you buy steroids , it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, in fact, steroids don’t kill people – alcohol and smoking does.   It’s a proven medical fact that steroids have caused 0 (zero) deaths!

Monday 10, Mar 2008

  The most popular drugs in universities today: Adderall / Marijuana / Alcohol

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David Rabie wrote this article, a university student.  He’s not expert on steroids, and of course his ignorance about steroids is vast, but he is a smart man and knows the real abusive drugs.  Adderall is quickly becoming the most abused drug on university campuses , just after Marijuana and Alcohol!  Steroids are NOT even on the list, no joke.  The top 5 drugs on university campuses are as follows:

1) Alcohol

2) Marijuana

3) Adderall

4) Cocaine

5) Ecstacy
Notice something?  Anabolic steroids aren’t  on the list, why is that? simply because  people just don’t use steroids! really, it’s true.  Only a TINY portion of americans use steroids and  almost all of them are educated, white collar  males in their 30s.  Anabolic steroids are used to help with their look and get them in shape in the local gym, NOT as “performance enhancers.”

I could delve into a psychological analysis as to why there has been such a proliferation of stimulant use in the 21st century, but I will concentrate on what I believe is a bigger problem: the use of certain prescription drugs by students without prescriptions. This has recently gone through the roof. The most popular drugs are amphetamines such as Adderall, which helps a person stay awake and focused. Students buy these innocuous-looking pills from other students who, rightfully or not, have a prescription entitling them to use the drugs.

The pills are cheap, the short-term side effects are minimal, and the effects are undeniable. In the frenzied pace of the University of California quarter system, where finals and midterms are everything, popping an “Addy” can be the quickest way to an A.

There are no punitive short-term side effects that would inhibit students from taking the pills without a prescription, and the nonchalance with which some take them is frightening. The effects are so beneficial that even if there were strong side effects, these might not deter students from taking the pills. America as a society has no idea how far-reaching the abuse of these pills is. They know that pills for attention-deficit disorder are over-prescribed, but they fail to realize that students abusing them without prescriptions is an equally serious problem.

Can Adderall in schools be discussed on the same plane as steroids in sports?

Steroids are a performance-enhancing drug; they give an unfair and illegal advantage to athletes who take them. What better way to describe Adderall than a performance-enhancing drug?

Neither Adderall nor steroids has been studied enough to safely say that long-term side effects are minimal.

I believe it is both illegal and unfair for students without a prescription to take these drugs. Students who do not take Adderall but still study for hours have a right to feel they are being cheated.

It’s time students and faculty alike realize that stimulant use among students has gotten out of hand. Adderall abuse is just the worst face of it. We are living in a world in which taking a caffeine pill is often easier than buying a cup of coffee and where consuming 24-ounce Rockstar energy drinks with 75 grams of sugar is considered the safer alternative to pill-popping. We need to publicize the problem and start doing something about it.

Tuesday 26, Feb 2008

  Roger Clemens and steroids in baseball – does anyone care?

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clemens-steroids-baseballRoger Clemens is once again being used by congress as a punching bag in a non-stop steroid investigation. Interesting that this steroid investigation has people pissed off. That’s right, the common mom and pop voters are starting to get upset at congress for wasting time and taxpayer money on meaningless steroid investigations. Recent independent polls showed that, 58% of Americans are concerned about the economy, 46% are concerned about the war in Iraq, and 0% brought up anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (hgh) as the concern in their life. When the government cannot close the USA borders, or fight internal corruption, why are steroids on the front page? Why is the topic of steroids that important when 400,000 people per year die from cigarettes and 50,000 from alcohol, and 0 (zero) from steroid use.

Let’s see, where would you as the taxpayer in the USA would like to spend your tax dollars? On steroids in baseball investigations, or on finally putting a stop on the real problem like economic failures or wars. Let’s face the facts, the drug war is a failure, the economy is dead and the war in Iraq is a huge failure…forget steroids, start concentrating on the real issues and not baseball.

Monday 25, Feb 2008

  Steroid use by teenages

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It seems that steroid use in schools is overblown and overrated.  If anything, it’s something that’s a going away factor, with steroid use on the decline.  In fact, overall, since 1981 (steroids were legal in 81), we have seen the decline of steroid use in teenagers yearly.  It is clear that recreational drugs are the poison in the schools and must be dealt with.  Everything from cocaine to ecstasy to alcohol is killing the kids, NOT steroids.  Rick Collins reports:

According to the latest 2007 University of Michigan Monitoring the Future studies of 8th, 10th and 12th graders, the percentage of 8th graders who reported using steroids at least once in their lives went from a high of 3.0% in 2000 down to 1.5% in 2007. Among 10th graders, the figure went from 3.5% in 2000 down to 3.0% in 2003, then down to 2.0% in 2005, and now down to 1.8% in 2007. Among 12th graders, the decrease was from a high of 4.0% in 2002, to 3.5% in 2003, to 3.4% in 2004, and now dramatically down to 2.2% in 2007. By comparison, more than three times as many 12th graders have used ecstasy (6.5%), over three times as many have used cocaine (7.8%) or hallucinogens (8.4%), over five times as many have used amphetamines (11.4%), and a whopping 55.1% have been drunk. Nearly 18% of our 8th graders have abused alcohol to intoxication, and more than twice as many 8th graders have used cocaine (3.1%) over steroids. These statistics are not intended to minimize in any way the societal problem presented by teen steroid abuse. However, it’s dishonest for self-serving professional alarmists and sensationalistic journalists to create unfounded hysteria.