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Friday 25, Mar 2011

  Failed drug test was a mistake, says Palmeiro

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Failed drug test was a mistake, says PalmeiroRafael Palmeiro is sticking to his story that a tainted vitamin shot resulted in a failed drug test five years ago and is hopeful that Hall of Fame voters will overlook the mistake and honor him for his 3,020 hits and 569 home runs.

“I was telling the truth then and I am telling the truth now,” Palmeiro said.

Baseball voters have earlier denied Mark McGwire and the once certain election of Palmeiro to the Hall is in jeopardy.

Sunday 08, Feb 2009


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gibbons-steroidsJay Gibbons was a former outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles. As a baseball player, he had his days such as when he hit a three-run home run during a game against the Cleveland Indians in 2005. Of course, he had his down moments. After two unproductive seasons, Gibbons was one of the athletes named to have used anabolic steroids in the infamous Mitchell Report. Gibbons admitted to have used human growth hormone for his wrist injury. While some athletes still face trial and others try to clear their names, Gibbons was effectively ostracized by the association.

After that, he had trouble finding a decent job. He was offered a role in the Minor Leagues but it didn’t last long. Gibbons knew his mistake and was sincerely apologetic. He even wrote to all the managers of the Major Leagues teams. Even if his intentions were heartfelt, he was just denied any chance to get back to Major League Baseball. While the public still debates on whether Kirk Radomski or Senator Mitchell’s office can be trusted, Gibbons is the example of what the Mitchell Report has led to. Let’s not forget, the reliability of that report is still in question.