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Saturday 05, Sep 2015

  Androni-Sidermec Confirms Legal Action Against Cyclists

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Androni-Sidermec team manager Gianni Savio has confirmed that legal action will be taken against Davide Appollonio and Fabio Taborre following their positive anti-doping tests.

In August, Androni-Sidermec was suspended from racing for 30 days under new UCI rules for the two doping cases. The Italian team will return to action this weekend at the Brussels Cycling Classic and GP de Fourmies/La Voix du Nord.

Fabio Taborre was provisionally suspended by the UCI, the world governing body of athletics, after he tested positive for the developmental blood booster FG-4592. This drug was detected in an out-of-competition control on June 16. Taborre is likely to face a €100,000 fine by his team if his positive test is confirmed. FG-4592, also known as Roxadustat, has not yet been commercialized and is a compound that is still in phase 3 clinical trials. FG-4592 is taken in an oral form and has the potential of stimulating natural production of EPO in a manner similar to altitude training unlike the drug EPO that directly stimulates the production of red blood cells.

Taborre is the second cyclist to test positive for FG-4592 this year. Carlos Oyarzun of Chile was found positive for FG-4592 at the Pan Am Games in Toronto and was kicked out of the competition.

Appollonio was suspended by the UCI after testing of his June 14 out-of-competition sample showed evidence of EPO use. Appollonio is now facing a possible suspension of four years and may be slapped with a fine of €100,000 fine from his team and possibly additional damages under the terms and conditions of a zero-tolerance policy that the riders signed before the 2015 season.

Team manager Gianni Savio stated we have never put our riders under pressure. Savio added we have always applied zero tolerance to doping and said we would be intransigent and added that we have just required commitment, reliability, and loyalty. It was further claimed by Savio that he has done enough to stop doping within his team by making use of education and deterrents like the introduction of fines, clear race programs, and access to biological passports of riders.

Savio also remarked we are used to facing and overcoming adversity and therefore we will never surrender and will always continue to fight with our usual determination and tenacity. Savio said in a statement if the counter-analysis confirms the positivity, another stupid criminal has committed a crime that seriously damages our team. The Androni Giocattoli general manager said we will sue Davide Appollonio and Fabio Taborre, subject to confirmation of the positivity by the counter-analysis, as provided for by the sanitary regulations of the team undersigned by all the riders in front of Notary Marco Marvasio.

The Androni team has had many doping cases in the past. Francesco De Bonis tested positive for CERA in 2009 and Massimo Giunti tested positive for EPO in 2010. Francesco Reda missed doping controls in 2013 and he tested positive for EPO after he left the team. Patrick Facchini was found positive for a banned stimulant tuaminoheptane in 2014.

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Tuesday 24, Jun 2014

  Costa Rica Complains To FIFA

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Costa Rica Complains To FIFA

The Football federation of Costa Rica has sent a  letter to FIFA, the world governing body of football, and demanded an explanation as to why so many of its players were asked to submit to anti-doping controls after a surprise victory over Italy.

After Friday’s 1-0 win, seven Costa Rica players were tested that angered team officials who remarked it may lead people to believe that the world governing body of football suspects Costa Ricans of doping. Adrian Gutierrez, the president of Costa Rica’s selection committee, remarked we believe in, accept and trust doping controls that FIFA carries out, but we want an explanation as to why so many of the players were called in and added what causes surprise at the world level is that they take seven players in one sitting for anti-doping tests, which gives an image of suspicion that Costa Rican players are doping.

The Costa Rica federation said FIFA remarked eight players were not available for testing before the World Cup when an anti-doping commission of FIFA visited Costa Rica as part of a routine control carried out on national teams competing in Brazil. Two of those players undergo testing after the Uruguay match and the other six were tested after the Italy match and a seventh Costa Rica player was chosen by lottery. FIFA was challenged by Coach Jorge Luis Pinto to test all his players and even himself after the next match of Costa Rica against England on Tuesday in Belo Horizonte. Pinto remarked he is happy that they do these types of tests and added if they want in the next match, they can test all 11 players on the pitch and even me.

A FIFA spokeswoman said that two of the Costa Rica players were called for the post-match anti-doping tests as usual while the remaining five needed to be tested for their so-called biological passports. The spokeswoman added the decision to test the seven was standard procedure and there was nothing suspicious.

Football legend Diego Maradona hit out at FIFA after claiming that seven of Costa Rica’s players were subjected to post-match anti-doping controls. Maradona alleged that doping scrutiny on Costa Rica was due to fears that sponsors would not pay up if bigger teams like Italy failed to get out of the group stage at the World Cup finals. The football legend from Argentina said decision of FIFA amounted to a lack of respect for the rules and said he is not impressed by FIFA’s explanation. Maradona said this is only happening because some people are annoyed Costa Rica, and not the big teams, are going through to the next round, and so the sponsors won’t pay what they’d promised to pay. He went on to remark that it is against the rules as two players from each team are supposed to undergo doping controls.

Costa Rica stunned South American champions Uruguay 3-1 last week and then won 1-0 over four-time champions Italy in Recife to qualify for the last 16 of the World Cup.

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