ONLY FEW HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS USE STEROIDS BASED  ON TESTSSome high schools are confident that their students are safe from the steroid because random testing have yielded very few positive results. There has been a concern of steroid use trickling down to the younger athletes because of the influence of players in pro sports. The issue of Alex Rodriguez and all the other baseball players involved in the use of performance enhancing drugs had the high school officials worried that their students could be into these substances as well. Random drug testing was conducted in both Cumberland Valley High and Boiling Springs High.

The Associated Press reported that in 2006 four states, namely New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, and Florida had performed random drug tests to almost 30,799 students and only 20 were reported positive. This proved that the fears of school authorities are unfounded. That or the testing methods were flawed.

The government said that getting high school students are very expensive and it is not worth doing if there doesn’t seem to be a problem of steroids in high school sports. Per test costs $200 which is quite a lot most especially at this time when the nation is facing a global financial crisis.

What high school authorities could do for now is to continue educating their students on the bad effects of steroids and how it has damaged the careers and lives of athletes.