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Tuesday 21, Apr 2009


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CANADIAN STEROIDS DEALER NABBEDIn Edmonton, Canada, what started out as a plan to lose weight turned to a big time steroid business. Police nabbed 38-year-old Glen Donald England for trafficking the controlled substances worldwide. He now pleads guilty in court for possessing them to be sold and distributed.

The surveillance on England’s activities took about 18 months. And in that span of time, police and the Canada Border Services Agency had uncovered loads of drugs in his apartment in west Edmonton. These were reported to value in millions of dollars. The surveillance ended in October 10, 2006.

The drug trafficking was discovered when the police had seized a shipment of steroids in Vancouver that had an Edmonton address. As modus operandi Detective Ken Brander had altered the steroids by replacing the tablets with sugar and placed a note that if the recipient wanted more stocks he would be contacted which led to the arrest of Wainstein.

As a punishment, Federal Prosecutor Joseph Selvaratnam requested that England serve jail term for 30 months while defence appealed that the sentence be lowered to a fine and 18 months of community service.

Monday 30, Mar 2009


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DESPRES EXPRESSES DISMAY OVER UNJUST SUSPENSIONBobsleigh pilot and Olympian Serge Despres talks about his suspension from competing because he tested positive for nandrolone in 2008. This cost him two years of not being able to compete with the Canadian Bobsleigh team, his reputation, and even his income. Together with the suspension he was not allowed by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports to even use the bobsleigh tracks in Calgary and Whistler B.C. Nandrolone is a steroid banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency from being used in professional sports.

Still dismayed by the decision even though he is to be reinstated in August 9, 2009. He felt that it was the centre’s way of telling him who was in charge and they can do anything they wanted. Despres said that the nandrolone found in his system was so minute to cause significant changes in his performance.

Despres says his suspension has ruined his chances to join the national team in the 2010 Olympics. But in order to secure a spot in the team he has to win several cups from the American and European Competitions. And he is set in proving that he deserves to be drafted for the Olympics.

Monday 15, Dec 2008

  Canadian police seized steroids, other illicit drugs

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seized steroidsAuthorities in a suburb north of Montreal report that “they have made one of the largest seizures ever of anabolic steroids in Canada”, according to Canoe News.

Police reported that most of the 410,000 doses seized at a home was anabolic steroids. Other illicit compounds were also discovered including breast cancer drugs, counterfeit Viagra and Cialis as well as methamphetamines and marijuana.

The suspect is a 38-year-old man from Ste-Therese, Quebec. He is now facing numerous charges including drug possession and trafficking.

The drugs’ destinations are believed to be gyms and fitness centers in the area.

Viagra and Cialis are impotence drugs and are known to be popular among bodybuilders to revive sexual drive after steroid cycles. Use of steroids can inhibit the natural production of androgens, leading to depressed hormonal levels after intake of these anabolic compounds. Men may experience erection problems because of this.

Viagra is also used as pre-contest drug in bodybuilding circles.

Thursday 26, Jun 2008

  Safe Steroid use

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The misconceptions about steroids run deep.  It seems that people believe steroids are dangerous, that’s not true.  Steroid abuse is dangerous, not steroids.  0 (zero) people have ever died from direct steroid use, unlike 85,000/year from alcohol and 490,000/year from smoking!  In canada, personal trainers know about steroids and they do sell steroids, but they seem to lie to the media saying they don’t use or sell steroids, face it buddy you’re a liar.  People buy steroids all the time and if they are shown the safe steroid usage they’d be fine!

When searching for a personal trainer most people look at experience, price and location, but a few are looking for something more dangerous — steroids.

“I let them know the effects it has on the body and the psychological effects,” said Jeff Flunder, a personal trainer who doesn’t work with people who use or are interested in using performance-enhancing drugs. “I’m very blunt.”


He said some trainers do use steroids and may assist others in doing the same, noting there are no requirements to use the title of personal trainer.

Earlier this month, Manitoba resident Julie Coram was stripped of a FAME fitness model title after she tested positive for three types of anabolic steroids. Coram holds the Miss Fitness Manitoba title as well, although the Manitoba Body Building Association is waiting for legal advice before making a decision on whether she will have to relinquish her championship.

Monday 12, May 2008

  Steroid Bust in Canada

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canada-steroidsWe will soon find out the harsh or not so harsh sentencing for steroid use pushed by canadian authorities. We suspect he’ll get 5 years probation and maybe 3-6 months house arrest. If he gets more then the steroid sentencing in Canada will be not so “liberal” after all. A bit harsh and conservative on steroid arrests.

A Nova Scotia man accused of running an Internet steroids operation from his Bridgewater home will go on trial next year.

Kevin Wayne Tanner, 39, appeared in provincial court Wednesday on 19 charges, including importing, exporting, producing and trafficking in controlled substances. Two weeks were set aside for a trial, beginning Jan. 5.

Tanner was arrested in January 2007 following a 16-month investigation by the Canadian Border Services Agency and Bridgewater police.

Police seized steroids, raw hormone products, lab equipment and $46,000 in cash.

Authorities allege Tanner had customers across North America and used false names and fake addresses to buy raw hormone products from China over the Internet.

They allege he then turned those hormones into steroids.