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Sunday 27, Apr 2014

  Rousey Is ‘New Chuck Liddell,’ Says Dana White

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Rousey Is ‘New Chuck Liddell,’ Says Dana White

Dana White, the President of the mixed martial arts organization Ultimate Fighting Championship, has remarked MMA fighter Ronda Jean Rousey is his new Chuck Liddell, “The Iceman.”

White remarked Rousey wanted to fight Alexis Davis at UFC 175 for the July 5 fight card (at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Events Center) as she wanted to get back in the octagon as soon as possible.

Liddlle is highly admired in the MMA circles and is best known for testing his skills against anyone at any time and White remarked Ronda Jean Rousey owns that same mindset. White added she wants to fight, so she’ll fight back-to-back, she’ll fight on 24 hours’ notice – she’s the new Chuck Liddell.

Termed as “the biggest star in UFC history” by UFC president Dana White, the women’s bantamweight champion recently received flak for her comments against Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino.

Rousey accused Justino of being a user of anabolic androgenic steroids for long and said she is not a woman anymore. Condemning her remarks, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney said he would never want to verbalize disrespect for a fighter but to characterize her as the biggest star in MMA is a little disrespectful to a lot of fighters who have put in year after year after year in this game. Rebney added if Ronda fights ‘Cyborg’ and she could beat ‘Cyborg,’ he thinks that would be a big statement as to where she is in the game but to characterize her as the biggest star is a bit disingenuous but he thinks there are a lot of huge stars in MMA.

Ronda Jean Rousey is the first and current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and is undefeated Rousey became the first American woman to bag an Olympic medal in Judo at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. She trains under Gokor Chivichyan of the Hayastan MMA Academy and enlisted former undefeated boxing and kickboxing champion Lucia Rijker in July 2012 as striking coach. According to MMARising and other publications, she is the consensus #1 pound-for-pound female MMA fighter in the world and is the #10 pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC s of March 10, 2014. Rousey will soon hit the movie stage with her roles in The Expendables 3 and Fast & Furious 7.

In another development, UFC commentator Joe Rogan has remarked Ronda Rousey would win if there is a fight between Rousey and undefeated boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. Rogan remarked it is all about how much time Floyd has to prepare, because he will really have to work on his takedown defense and that would be the big thing. The commentator said if Ronda got a clinch on him, it’s not just about worrying about being taken down to the ground, it’s worrying about knees to the body and went on to add that it is worrying about her manipulating his body in ways that he doesn’t understand. Rogan remarked Mayweather would need at least six months of training to be able to have a chance with Rousey.

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Tuesday 22, Apr 2008

  Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson III

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Chuck Liddell Ice Man-Quinton Rampage JacksonObviously Dana White, President of UFC, has announced that Chuck Liddell will face Quinton Jackson in their 3rd match, if he beats Rashad Evans at UFC 85, and obviously Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will destroy Forrest Griffin at UFC 86. It’s likely that both Lidell and Jackson will get about 3 months to prepare for the fight. Expect Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson III around UFC 90.

Predictions for Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson III:

Quinton Rampage Jackson beating Chuck Liddell by KO (TKO) within 2 rounds – 50%
Quinton Rampage Jackson beating Chuck Liddell by decision – 30%
Chuck Liddell beating Quinton Rampage Jackson by decision or KO – 20%

It’s not likely that after 2 brutal loses to Quinton Rampage Jackson that Chuck Liddell will get better and beat him. Liddell’s last loss to Jackson was a BRUTAL KO in the 1st few SECONDS of the 1st round, it was pathetic.  Is it fair for Chuck to fight for the UFC light heavyweight title again after he lost 2 fights in a row, 1 to Jackson and 1 to Jardine? absolutely not!  This is bad news for UFC fighters like Jardine and Machida who are way better then Chuck; Jardine did just beat Chuck!

Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson III and Steroids:

It’s likely that both Chuck Liddell and Quinton Rampage Jackson are using human growth hormone (HGH), but their steroid use is not as clear. Quinton Rampage Jackson probably can use more short acting steroids like anavar, winstrol and dianabol because he didn’t fight for almost a year. Chuck Liddell is probably just using HGH since he only fought 3 months ago.

Friday 14, Mar 2008

  UFC 84 ILL WILL – Steroid Target #2 Wanderlei Silva “The Axe Murderer”

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Wanderlei-Silva-steroidsWanderlei Silva UFC 84 information:

Wanderlei Silva, undoubtedly, one of the best light heavyweight fighters in the world is fighting in UFC 84 against none other then Keith Jardine. So Jardine who beat Chuck Liddell will face Wanderlei Silva who lost to Chuck Liddell? It seems this match is going to be for the next fighter to face the UFC Light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson. It makes sense. Chuck lost to Rampage 2 times, and no one wants to see Liddell vs. Jackson 3, just too obvious. It would be like seeing Tito vs. shamrock again!

Wanderlei Silva and Steroids:

From his looks and his MMA history in Japan, Wanderlei Silva is probably a heavy steroid and/or human growth hormone (HGH) user. It’s about 80% likely he is using some type of steroids or HGH for his fights.

UFC 84 ILL WILL – Wanderlei Silva Vs. Keith Jardine Outcome Predictions:

1) Wanderlei Silva wins by KO in the 3rd round (60%)

2) Keith Jardine wins by decision (40%)