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Wednesday 30, Sep 2009

  Growing use of steroids among teenage girls

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Growing use of steroids among teenage girlsAccording to results of a national survey published in the June issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, the use of steroids among teenage girls is not just limited to those being a part of professional athletics and is also concerned with a variety of other health-endangering behaviors.

These findings have pinpointed critical associations among girls making use of steroids as per the authors. It is believed that high-risk girls tend to receive less of attention than adolescent boys, perhaps reflecting that their actions are less socially.

Sunday 23, Aug 2009

  Use of Steroids among teen girls

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Use of Steroids among teen girlsAccording to results of a national survey published in the June issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, the use of steroids among teen girls is just not limited to those actively involved in competitive athletics. It was also revealed that the usage of steroids is often associated with cluster of other health-harming behaviors, including diet pills and smoking.

Diane L. Elliot, M.D., of the Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, and colleagues made assessments for use of anabolic steroid among teen girls and raised questions about use of ecstasy, steroids, and other behaviors.

From News-Medical.Net:

“Adolescent girls reporting anabolic steroid use had significantly more other health-harming behaviors,” they continue. “They were much more likely to use other unhealthy substances, including past 30-day use of cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.” Young female steroid users were also more likely to:

  • have had sexual intercourse before age 13
  • have been pregnant
  • drink and drive or have ridden with a drinking driver
  • carry a weapon
  • have been in a fight on school property in the past year
  • have feelings of sadness or hopelessness almost every
  • day for at least two weeks
  • have attempted suicide

More than two-thirds of the teen girls surveyed reported trying to change their weight. However, those who used steroids were more likely to turn to extreme weight-loss techniques, including vomiting and laxative use. “Anabolic steroids are body-shaping agents and cause a loss in body fat and an increase in lean tissue; therefore, their association with unhealthy weight loss practices was not surprising,” the authors write.

It was also found that high-risk adolescent girls received less attention than adolescent boys, which somehow suggest that their actions were found to be less socially and more personally destructive.

Tuesday 26, Feb 2008

  Roger Clemens and steroids in baseball – does anyone care?

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clemens-steroids-baseballRoger Clemens is once again being used by congress as a punching bag in a non-stop steroid investigation. Interesting that this steroid investigation has people pissed off. That’s right, the common mom and pop voters are starting to get upset at congress for wasting time and taxpayer money on meaningless steroid investigations. Recent independent polls showed that, 58% of Americans are concerned about the economy, 46% are concerned about the war in Iraq, and 0% brought up anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (hgh) as the concern in their life. When the government cannot close the USA borders, or fight internal corruption, why are steroids on the front page? Why is the topic of steroids that important when 400,000 people per year die from cigarettes and 50,000 from alcohol, and 0 (zero) from steroid use.

Let’s see, where would you as the taxpayer in the USA would like to spend your tax dollars? On steroids in baseball investigations, or on finally putting a stop on the real problem like economic failures or wars. Let’s face the facts, the drug war is a failure, the economy is dead and the war in Iraq is a huge failure…forget steroids, start concentrating on the real issues and not baseball.