The Italian Anti-Doping Department of Comitato Olympico Nazionale Italiano (CONI) has received approval from the Italian Data Protection Authority to start using Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) of WADA unrestrictedly, according to an announcement by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

CONI has become the 225th Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) to pledge to use ADAMS, which is a platform that is widely considered the most efficient and streamlined anti-doping operations system available to the anti-doping community. The pledge of Italy to start managing all its anti-doping operations through this anti-doping operations system further highlights the commitment of the country to protect the rights of its clean athletes at a crucial time for the anti-doping movement with the revised World Anti-Doping Code about to be introduced. The decision of CONI will allay concerns held by some European Union nations regarding the compatibility of ADAMS with EU data protection laws.

The Anti-Doping Administration and Management System of WADA simplifies the daily activities of athletes and organizations that are required to handle their anti-doping activities. The functionalities of ADAMS include the submission and management of Athlete Whereabouts data that can now easily be managed by athletes using a free Whereabouts Application, the management and reporting of test results, the management of Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs), and the planning, coordination and ordering of tests.

The use of ADAMS within the anti-doping community is growing rapidly with more than 264,000 athlete profiles held securely in the system, and nearly 50,000 athletes actively using it for their whereabouts. The decision of CONI follows an announcement by WADA that ADAMS will be further enhanced with the arrival of the next version of the platform, ADAMS 2016. The new version promises to provide more functionalities and flexibility the anti-doping community, including a progressive intelligence collection process, investigative collaboration, superior administrative capabilities, comprehensive research analysis and the ability to work alongside other approved anti-doping systems of WADA.

CONI President, Giovanni Malagò, said he is pleased that the Italian Data Protection Authority has provided the authorization for CONI to begin using ADAMS. Malagò added they have recognized the strong public interest element from allowing CONI to further advance its efforts in the fight against doping in sport, and for that he is thankful. The CONI President also remarked it has been recognized that ADAMS offers a secure system for anti-doping organizations to conduct their anti-doping activities and ADAMS will provide CONI with a powerful tool to improve the efficiency of all our anti-doping operations in the future.

WADA Director General, David Howman, remarked WADA welcomes the news that CONI will begin using ADAMS and added this is a decision that will enhance the country’s anti-doping operations significantly. Howman added the ADAMS team of WADA has begun putting in place the necessary protocols with CONI and will provide CONI staff with ADAMS training in the coming months. The WADA Director General also said Italy will now be able to reap the benefits of ADAMS, and their decision to use the platform will help strengthen the administration and coordination of practices that help foster clean sport and he hopes Italy’s decision will also encourage other countries to start using ADAMS for their operations.

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