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Wednesday 05, Mar 2008

  Anabolic Steroids in the Police force

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police badge steroidsDo police men use steroids? the obvious answer is yes. Why do they do steroids? obviously to protect the public and save citizens lives. Police put their neck out DAILY to protect and server, why shouldn’t they be able to enhance their performance and recovery at catching criminals? Imagine running after someone who can kill you, then having to take them down and arrest them, that’s a strain! Imagine the risk police put themselves into EVERY day. They should have the ability to do anything and take anything to help them with their recovery, speed and abilities. People should look up to the police to be the best they can be and help the people around them, and do so at 110% capacity. And, police do perform their jobs better when they are physically fit and ready; thus, use of anabolic steroids should be perfectly legal for police.  Any citizen would take a lean, buff, fast and smart cop that uses steroids over some fat slob stuck in front of Crispy Cream doing a “donut” steak out.  Police should be helped and admired for the work they do, not punished for trying to be better, and trying to be stronger, faster and better prepare – even if it means using steroids.

Experts say there are no reliable studies on steroid use in law enforcement, but there are signs cops are using them.

Wednesday 27, Feb 2008

  Steroid Abuse in police force

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Someone please explain why police officers aren’t being allowed to use anabolic steroids? isn’t it the duty of the police officer to be stronger, faster and smarter then the criminal; thereby, protecting the public.  A health police officer who works out and eats right, and takes steroids is going to be 1000% more effective then some donut eating slob.  Personally, I know a police officer who puts his life on the line daily fighting big guys to protect the public, and after his 12 hour shift he goes to the gym to stay in shape.  If it wasn’t for human growth hormone or anabolic steroids, he would not be able to recover from his injuries and would not be effective at protecting the public.  Whey are we so anti-steroids when the police force is protecting our lives?   Police should be treated with respect and certain amount of leeway because they put their head out on the line DAILY for each and every citizen.

On top of that, why is this being called steroid abuse? it’s steroid USE not ABUSE! big difference.

 A number of Jersey City police officers have been placed on administrative duties and some have had their guns taken away as a consequence of the internal affairs investigation into alleged steroids abuse among officers, officials revealed yesterday.