balco-steroids-barrybondsNew York Daily News has reviewed the doping calendars that were seized during the BALCO raids, as well as the recently released court transcripts of Shane Mosley’s grand jury testimony, and revealed the boxer had used performance-enhancing drugs in his preparation with his encounter against Oscar Dela Hoya in 2003. The court transcripts were formerly held at protective order until they were released by U.S. District Judge Susan Illston last Wednesday.

In his testimony in 2003, Mosley admitted he used the blood booster EPO and anabolic steroids he bought from BALCO for $1850. He also admitted he had used the designer drugs referred to as “the cream” and “the clear”, but he insisted publicly and in his testimony that he didn’t know they were either illegal or banned.

Victor Conte, BALCO’s founder, however, said Mosley knew what he was taking.  Conte is being sued for defamation by Mosley.

Conte wrote said in a sworn statement submitted in the defamation case: “Specifically, I explained to Mr. Mosley and Mr. Hudson (Mosley’s trainer at the time) that ‘The Clear’ was an undetectable anabolic steroid and that ‘The Cream’ contained testosterone and epitestosterone. I explained that ‘The Cream’ was primarily to be used as a masking agent. I also explained that EPO increases the production of red blood cells, and therefore Mr. Mosley should take additional dietary supplements that aid in the manufacture of red blood cells, such as iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, and vitamin B12. … There is no question that I informed Mr. Mosley that he was taking the three banned performance enhancing drugs.”