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Saturday 29, Mar 2008

  Cung Le destroys Frank Shamrock at EliteXC/StrikeForce

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frank_shamrock-cung-leeToday was another good day for IS MMA predictions, as we predicted earlier this week, Cung Le beat Frank Shamrock by KO , by the looks of the fight, our “Frank Shamrock is washed out” comment was absolutely right. Frank made the best punching bag you can imagine for Le, standing up for 3 rounds and getting destroyed. Being an idiot with a bad game plan does seem to run in the family! Just as Ken Shamrock lost by standing up in fights where he was a worse striker instead of going to the ground, so does Frank Shamrock. The latest lost by Frank Shamrock is also going to facilitate the fight of: Brother vs. Brother: Ken Shamrock vs. Frank Shamrock, which is probably going to be a double joke in the industry.

Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock play by play:

The fight start with Le throwing a lot of his kicks, keeping Frank Shamrock at a distance. After an unsuccessful takedown attempt by Frank, Le continued to pummel Shamrock with kicks while Frank tried to work a few jabs to get on the inside for a takedown.
Round 1: 9-9 (even)

The second round went much better for Le, as he starting throwing some hard leg and hand combinations. In the his one and only attempt for a takedown, Shamrock failed! For the rest of the round, Frank was literally pummeled by kicks.
Round 2: 10-8 (Le)

The last round of the fight was really the exciting moment. Cung Le came out of a huge amount of kicks and punches, even some amazing kick/punch combinations. Towards the end of the round, Le seemed tired from all the kicks and Shamrock jumped at the opportunity with a few punches and a knee. However, Cung Le survived and fought back. Landing a high kick that almost KOed Shamrock, throwing him back. Cung Le continued with non stop punches and kicks, finishing the round with a huge high kick to Frank’s face.

As the clock ran out, and the round ended. Frank Shamrock fell to the ground in pain and could not continue. It seemed his right arm was broken.

Winner: Cung Le – 3R 5:00 by KO

Steroids in Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock:

Of course no IS blog entry would be done without steroid use accusations.  Looking at the fight, it doesn’t seem like Cung Le is on a steroid cycle right now, but it it likely and possible he was using some short half life anabolic steroids like Anavar or Winstrol during his training.  He doesn’t have the human growth hormone (HGH) gut or look, so that’s something we are ruling out.  On the other hand, Frank Shamrock looked very slow, just like his brother Ken Shamrock.  Ken Shamrock uses steroids on a regular basis, that’s the claim Frank makes as to his low confidence.  However, we saw a very weak and non-confident Frank Shamrock in the fight today.   Is it possible that Frank Shamrock was weak because he had to get off his steroid cycle in order not to test positive for anabolic steroids during the testing.  It does seem like he was still using human growth hormone (HGH) but he was probably off his testosterone propionate with anavar.

Thursday 27, Mar 2008

  EliteXC/Strikeforce: Frank Shamrock vs. Cung Le and Steroids

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In the latest installment of Frank Shamrock blogs, we want to discuss the upcoming match between Frank Shamrock and Cung Le. First of all, on the topic of the fight. Cung Le is a stand up fighter, with little ground knowledge, easy to sub and mostly likes to stand up and fight. On the other hand, Frank Shamrock is a submission fighter, who’s main interest is in ground fighting. This begs the question, who will take the cake? Our guess is that Cung Lee will probably KO washed out Frank Shamrock. Let’s face it, in 8 years (from 2000-2008) Frank Shamrock only had 5 fights, and only 3 fights since 2004. The guy hasn’t really been around the block lately in terms of high end MMA competition. Conversely, Cung Le fought 5 times since 2006 and knocked out each opponent with a KO. Cung Le is the better fighter, unless it goes to the ground – where he’ll get destroyed by Frank Shamrock.

On the topic of steroids, it’s widely believed Cung Le is tied into indirectly a Bay Area steroid crowd that pulls back to the same gym Barry Bonds was in, basically making Cung Le is good steroid use target. Then, we have Frank Shamrock who’s steroid use we talked about already – with his likely use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as the top topic. In terms of testing, it doesn’t seem either of these guys is stupid enough to test positive for anabolic steroids, so it’s unlikely any fight decision will get overturned.