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Wednesday 08, Apr 2009

  Time to make names of baseball’s steroid cheaters publicly

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Time to make names of baseball’s steroid cheaters publiclyIt seems like every baseball fan wants the names of all the players, who are in the list of those who failed drug tests in 2003 publicly. Till now, only one name comes to limelight, i.e. Alex Rodriguez. But the fans want to know about remaining other 103 steroid cheaters, reveals a poll conducted recently.

With Major League Baseball just a week away, the union and teams are in the need of whitewashing the steroid issues, which dominate the game from the last year. Without it, the healing from steroid scar would take some more years to happen. If again a name appears, it would be another blow to the game identity and another scandal associated with baseball.

From the poll results, it appears that the fans do not want more messy chapters, tearful press conferences and steroid cheaters linked with the game anymore. Even legendary baseball players, such as Brian Cashman, Roy Oswalt, Curt Schilling and Al Leiter also believed that it was best for the game to move out of these humilating episodes as soon as possible.

Leiter, the former pitcher-turned broadcaster said, “As long as there are investigative reporters out there looking for the next biggest names, this will be a story that will always be around.” He also added, “So long as there are people who know who is on the list and they are gathering around barbecues and stuff, talking about the list, let it out. For the good of the game, to move forward.”

In fact, the broadcaster even has an excellent idea to reveal the names of steroid cheaters. “Take the list and plop it down in a big ballroom in New York City,” Leiter suggests.

Friday 13, Feb 2009


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yankees-accept-a-rods-admissionIt was only a matter of time before someone suggests it. And yes, right after the steroid scandal involving Alex Rodriguez exploded, former Boston Red Sox Curt Schilling says that the list of the 104 players that were found positive to have used anabolic steroids back in 2003 should be made public. According to Schilling’s blog, the rest of the Major League Baseball players will be judged guilty by association if those athletes won’t be named.