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Wednesday 11, Jul 2012

  Benefits of Equipoise

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Actually developed as a vet steroid, Equipoise (also known as Ganabol, Boldenone, and Ultragan) has come a long way to become one of the most recommended body building steroids. This long-acting injectable anabolic is a steroid ester that is recognized by anabolic qualities and little androgenic activity. One of the best things about Equipoise is that it allows users to stay away from regular oral dosing or recurring injections since it has a lengthy active life of 14-16 days.

The molecular weight of Boldenone is 286.4132 g/mol at the base and its chemical name is 1,4-androstadiene-3-one,1 7b-ol). Its framework is similar to the natural testosterone. Also known as Boldenone Undecylenate, Equipoise is ranked very high by athletes, gym trainers, and doctors all over the world. The efficiency enhancing medication can be made a part of both a cutting cycle and a bulking cycle. Moreover, the use of this effective steroid does not lead to estrogenic adverse reactions like greasy skin and gynecomastia unless misused or of a low quality. If that was not all, top quality Equipoise can be purchased online, with or without healthcare prescription, cheaply.

Equipoise is an excellent medication for athletes who want to keep muscle mass during bulking cycle and stack it with Winstrol allows athletes drop fat and keep muscles without limiting on muscular description and durability profits. It is for these reasons that Equipoise discovers a special place among athletes owed to Major League Soccer, Australian Rules football, mixed martial arts, athletics, body building, boxing, and cycling. This very successful steroid is, generally, used to activate efficiency, endurance, aggression, and muscle mass and definition improvements moreover to help athletes restore early from extreme exercises and accidents. It is also efficient for solving bodyweight loss and enhancing appetite besides promoting the sense of well being to a significant level. Along with that, Equipoise is also beneficial to promote durability and enable greater restoration after heavy training times or classes since it stimulates the production of red blood cells by facilitating the production of erythropoietin (EPO) by the kidneys.

Wednesday 21, Mar 2012

  Deca Durabolin

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Deca Durabolin is one of the most selling anabolic steroids in the online market of performance enhancing drugs. This legal steroid preparation reveals an extremely lower propensity for estrogen formation and athletes relying on it need not worry about estrogenic adverse reactions such as greasy skin, gynecomastia, bloating, and acne.

Also known as Deca and Nandrolone decanoate, it has an active life of 14-16 days and is supposed to be to be the most effective anabolic-androgenic steroid. The genuine steroid compound is recommended to HIV/AIDS patients for helping the defense mechanisms and getting a slender body overall look.

Deca Durabolin is also related to enhanced ability to produce top efficiency on an ongoing basis and promotion of the sense of invincibility. Deca is also easy on the liver and is the best steroid ointment for promoting muscle size and growth besides dramatic strength gains while decreasing body weight. This anabolic steroid ointment is also effective to considerably increase the levels of nitrogen storage and protein synthesis and improve recovery time between exercises. Deca also reveals efficiency in masking minor joint pain and old nagging injuries and is more than useful for decreasing the inflammation of soft tissues.

The recommended dose of Deca Durabolin is 300-800 mg per week for men and 50-100 mg per week for women. The ideal dose of Nandrolone decanoate for a man’s cutting cycle would be 400 mg per week for 12-16 weeks and the dose of Deca for a man’s bulking cycle would be 600 mg per week for 12-16 weeks. The abuse of Deca Durabolin or overdosing can lead to side effects such as edema, increased bone growth, premature epiphyseal closure, and suppression of ovarian activity, decreased ejaculatory volume, and atrophy of the breasts.

To maintain shelf life, Deca Durabolin is required to be stored at a controlled room temperature of 20° to 25°C (68° to 77°F) with excursions permitted to 15° to 30°C (59° to 86°F).

Thursday 09, Feb 2012


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Omnadren (Omnis) is an anabolic steroid that offers endless advantages and is made up of four esters of testosterone. This anabolic steroid is very much the same as Sustanon 250 and the only difference is that users will observe a rise in the amounts of androgen hormone or testosterone earlier with Omnadren in comparison to Sustanon and the other change can be found in the greatest ester Caproate. It has a smaller half life than Sustanon and leads to faster preliminary improvements in bloodstream, opposed to the relatively more costly Sustanon.

The use of Omnadren causes extraordinary gains with regards to durability and muscle dimensions and encourages a stable launch of androgen hormone or testosterone over an ongoing time period after a single injection shot. This indicates that Omnadren users can avoid regular, painful injection shots and thereby prevent bloating and pain at injection sites.

The anabolic steroid is both extremely anabolic and androgenic, which makes it the best choice for facilitating dramatic improvements in terms of body strength and muscle function. Omnadren is second to none when it comes to improving the stage of nitrogen storage in muscle, which further causes enhanced protein synthesis. Omnadren use is also associated with enhanced capability of normally producing testosterone to improve the level of IGF-1.

The recommended dose of Omnadren is 250 mg every other several weeks time up to 1000 mg or more per day though an effective dose will be somewhere in the range of 250-1000 mg weekly. Omnadren can be stacked with a powerful anabolics such as Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate) or Deca (nandrolone decanoate). Users looking for extraordinary durability and muscles can stack it with effective orals such as Dianabol (methandrostenolone) and Anadrol (oxymetholone). Omnadren can be the element of a bulking as well as a cutting cycle.

Thursday 02, Feb 2012


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If you are looking for a highly effective anabolic steroid, Omnadren could be the best drug of your choice. This is not just because buying legal Omnadren online is easy and affordable but also because it is a combination of four testosterone esters and better than most steroids available in today’s market of steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

Omnadren, also known as Omnis, has the chemical name of 17beta-hydroxy-androst-4-en-3-one and the molecular weight of 288.429 g/ml at the base. Its anabolic/androgenic ratio is 100:100 and one milliliter of Omnadren 250 includes 100mg testosterone caproate, 60mg testosterone isocaproate, 60mg testosterone phenylpropionate, and 30mg testosterone propionate. This steroid has an active life of nearly ten days and is detectable over three months.

Omnadren use leads to sustaining and quick gains in the context of muscle size, muscle function, and body strength. It promotes a steady release of testosterone on ongoing basis after a single injection, which means frequency of injections is reduced considerably that also means less of swelling and injection site pain for Omnadren users. The use of Omnadren is also associated with improvements in terms of stamina, performance, aggression, nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and ability of naturally producing testosterone to increase the production of IGF-1.

The ideal dose of Omnadren is 250 mg every other week up to 1000 mg or more per day though most sportsmen consider the standard dose of this steroid in the range of 250-1000 mg per week. The best part about Omnadren is that it can be the part of a bulking as well as a cutting cycle. It may be stacked with Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate) or Deca (nandrolone decanoate or Dianabol (methandrostenolone) and Anadrol (oxymetholone). This anabolic steroid should not be abused else it may lead to side effects including insomnia, acne formation, increased aggressiveness, male pattern hair loss, and virilization effects in women.

Friday 13, Jan 2012

  Deca Durabolin

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Deca Durabolin, which is also known as Nandrolone Decanoate and Deca, has remained one of the most successful anabolic steroids among sportsmen and health-conscious people across the world. One of the biggest advantages associated with this legal steroid is that it promotes improvements in terms of body strength, stamina, performance, and muscle size without leading to side effects.

Another advantage associated with Deca is that it does not get broken down to a more potent metabolite in the androgen target tissues and is one of the best performance enhancing drugs that enhance nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. If that is not, use of Deca Durabolin has little to no activity on scalp, prostate, and skin. In other words, Deca users need not worry about common steroid side effects such as male-pattern baldness, enlarged prostate, oily skin, and acne.

Medically, Deca Durabolin is prescribed to treat disseminated breast carcinoma in women and deficiency of androgens in hypogonadal males.

In addition to all these advantages, Deca Durabolin is also effective to enhance immune functions of the body and alleviate joint problems. Deca Durabolin use does not result in reductions in the context of triglycerides, total or LDL cholesterol, and insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, Deca use can actually minimize the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Professional sportsmen admire this legal steroid to gain quality muscle mass, improved body strength, and enhanced performance in as short as four to six weeks.

The anabolic androgenic ratio of Deca Durabolin is 125:37 and its molecular formula is C28H44O3. It has the molecular weight of 428.647 g/mol at the base and can be detected over a period of 16-18 months. This legitimate steroid has an approximate active life of 14-15 days.

The recommended dose of Deca Durabolin is 200-600 mg per week for men and the ideal dose is 50-100 mg per week for women. During a cutting cycle, men may use 400 mg per week for 12-16 weeks. For a bulking cycle, men may use 600 mg per week for 12-16 weeks. It is important to note that the use of Deca Durabolin is best complemented with Testosterone (around 200 mg per week) to reap optimum benefits and avoid sexual dysfunction. Deca users may even make use of anti-progesteronic drugs (to Deca and Testosterone combination) like Bromocriptine or Cabergoline to get more value from Deca Durabolin, Testosterone, and steroid cycles.

It is very important to note here that Deca Durabolin is not recommended to those suffering from prostate or breast cancer, unless otherwise specified by a qualified medical practitioner. Its use is not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women. Use of this anabolic steroid should be initiated only after medical advice and its use and doses should be in strict accordance with the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. Deca Durabolin use should be discontinued on an immediate basis and medical advice must be sought without delay if any abnormality is experienced after using this legitimate steroid. Abuse of this anabolic steroid can lead to side effects, including increased bone growth, reduced ejaculatory volume, and suppression of ovarian activity.