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Thursday 09, Aug 2012

  Rafael Feijao Cavalcante Tests Positive

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Brazilian mixed martial artist, Rafael Custodio a.k.a. Rafael Feijao Cavalcante, has tested positive for a banned substance.

The California State Athletic Commission has suspended Rafael Cavalcante for a period of one year for testing positive to stanozolol metabolites. The Strikeforce light heavyweight champion tested positive following his win over Mike Kyle last month in San Jose, California.

The MMA fighter has been suspended for one year and fined $2,500 by the California State Athletic Commission. His suspension was applied retroactively to May 18, 2012 and the result of his last fight with Mike Klye will be changed to a “No Decision” with Rule 368. According to Commissioner George Dodd of the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), “Feijao,” who submitted “MAK” last month on the main card of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Final tested positive for stanozolol metabolites.

The suspension of Cavalcante marks the third high-profile Strikeforce fighter getting suspended for banned substances after Cris “Cyborg” Santos and Muhammed Lawal were both suspended by the California State Athletic Commission and Nevada State Athletic Commission, respectively.

Cavalcante trains with Anderson Silva and Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira as part of the Black House camp and is best known for his aggressive Muay Thai style and explosive knockout power. He made his professional MMA debut on February 10, 2006 by knocking down Eduardo Maiorino by TKO at a Pantanal Combat event in Brazil.

On May 15, 2010, he became the number one contender for the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship by knocking out Antwain Britt at Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery. His next fight against Muhammed Lawal in Houston, Texas for the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship saw him become he new Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion by defeating Lawal by TKO due to elbows from the clinch at 1:14 of round 3.

In May 2011, Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante was defeated by Dan Henderson, the former Pride champion of two different weight classes, in Columbus, Ohio with a third-round technical knockout. Henderson started slow but drilled Cavalcante with a hard right hand to knock him down and then finishing him with about half-a-dozen punches on the ground to get the TKO win. Feijao, defending the title for the first time, falls to 10-3, while the record of Henderson after the win improved to 27-8. Cavalcante, however, rebounded with a second-round knockout of Yoel Romero Palacio to improve his overall Strikeforce record to 4-2.

The former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion would be making an appeal against the one-year license suspension at the next meeting of the California State Athletic Commission on October 6.

Ed Soares, the manager of Cavalcante, said the MMA fighter would be represented by a drug expert who witnessed the testing of the fighter’s “B” sample and a lawyer. This was announced after the second test that was conducted on June 26. If the appeal fails, the suspension of Cavalcante would run until May 18, 2013, one year from the date he was tested. The MMA fighter may challenge former champion Gegard Mousasi for the vacant light heavyweight title after the suspension.

California State Athletic Commission Suspends License of Fighter-Rafael Feijao Cavalcante

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Saturday 01, Mar 2008

  UFC 82: Anderson Silva “The Spider” put Dan Henderson to shame (full KO)

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Silva-HendersonIf you read our predictions for UFC 82, Anderson Silva “The Spider” will face Dan Henderson “Hendo” , you would see we predicted Silva would win vs. Henderson. The prediction was 100% correct.

UFC 82: Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson


1st minute was feeling each other out, followed by a take down by Henderson, which put Silva on his back but in a half guard. Henderson unloaded some punches to the head of Silva but the champion held on tight. Henderson held Silva’s head down and came down with a big elbow. From here, Dan moved to side control and shortly followed Anderson Silva had Hendo back in the full guard.

round 1: 10-9 ( Dan Henderson )


Anderson Silva lands a good kick and gets on top of Dan Henderson early in the round. Henderson pushes back to his feet and goes into a strong clinch with Silva against the cage. Henderson throws a short right hand but is completely outclassed by the speed of Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva lands a punch and knee in great speed! Dan Henderson goes for a take down but Silva stuffs it and takes a half guard mount from the top. 1 minute left in the round, and the crowd is wild. Henderson rolls to his stomach, exposing his back to Silva. Silva punches hard, then puts on a rear naked choke on Henderson. Dan Henderson taps out at 4:52 in the 2nd round.

UFC 82: Anderson Silva “The Spider” will face Dan Henderson “Hendo”: winner Anderson Silva “The Spider” Submission (rear naked choke) @ 4:52 in round 2.  Retains his UFC middle weight title.

Side commentary.  Henderson was put to shame by Silva, it’s just not a match.  Like we said in our last blog post, anabolic steroids probably played a role in  Dan Henderson’s life in Japan but defenately not in Anderson Silva’s in USA.  We gave a 70% chance of Anderson Silva “The Spider” retaining his UFC middle weight title, and we were right. Steroids or not, at least Henderson showed up! haha

Wednesday 27, Feb 2008

  UFC® 82 PRIDE OF A CHAMPION – Predictions / Steroids ?

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Silva-HendersonUFC 82 is going to be one hell of an even for all your UFC vs. PRIDE lovers. Anderson Silva “The Spider” will face Dan Henderson “Hendo” for the UFC middle weight title. There does seem to be confusion as to what this fight represents for the MMA fans. 1) Both Silva and Henderson are past PRIDE fighters who came to UFC, so this is NOT a UFC vs. PRIDE match 2) Dan Henderson is the more likely candidate for steroid use between the 2 individuals. Why? That’s because he competed in Japan just until 2007, and in Japan drugs and steroids are common place in MMA and other sports. On the other hand, Silva has been fighting in USA since 2006, with a 5-0 UFC record — and in USA the testing for anabolic steroids is extensive, especially for champions.

Who is more likely to use steroids? IS prediction:

Anderson Silva “The Spider” – 10%
Dan Henderson “Hendo” – 90%

Who will will the UFC Middleweight title at UFC 82? IS prediction:

Anderson Silva “The Spider” – 70% (remain champion)
Dan Henderson “Hendo” -30% (win the championship from Silva)

If we were betting $ on the UFC82, Anderson Silva “The Spider” would be the logical choice.