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Wednesday 28, Sep 2011

  St. Louis Rams linebacker gets ultimate redemption

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David Vobora, the St. Louis Rams linebacker, has won a $5.4 million judgment from a Florida nutritional supplement company in U.S. federal court.

The linebacker could now move ahead as an athlete, a person and one day as a father with his name cleared.

Vobora was suspended for four games in 2009 for violating policy of the NFL on anabolic steroids and related substances after testing positive for methyltestosterone, an anabolic steroid.

Thursday 01, Oct 2009

  Vobora suspended for violation of anti-steroid policy

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Vobora suspended for violation of anti-steroid policyThe StarCaps issue still has not been resolved as of the moment, and yet the National Football League faces another case of their player violating their policy on anabolic steroids, other performance enhancing and related drugs.

David Vobora, linebacker for the St. Louis Rams, has been suspended for four games, according to the league.

According to Marc Lillibridge, Vobora did everything “by the book”. He called the NFL supplement hotline to check the ingredients in his nutritional supplement. He even read the list of ingredients to the employee and he was told that the product was safe. He was confident that none of the product’s ingredients would yield a positive result for drug tests. He eventually began using the product.

Although they have contested the test result, Vobora still faces suspension because according to NFL rules, every player is responsible for his own body and for whatever supplement or substance that he ingests.

Lillibridge and Vobora are currently in the process of filing a case against the manufacturer of the supplement that Vobora took.

Vobora started his football career in NFL as a rookie on July 22, 2008 under the St. Louis Rams. During the 2009 season, he was named as the starting strongside linebacker.