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Thursday 19, May 2011

  French flanker suspects drug use

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French flanker suspects drug useOlivier Magne recently said that he suspected some rugby players of using drugs. Magne welcomed the decision of the World Cup organizers to begin testing for THG.

Magne, one of the game’s best openside flankers, said, “I have a suspicion, but for the time being I prefer to go no further.”

Magne also said, “I am a fitness fanatic and I work very hard to ready myself for the big matches, but it’s true that when I see some players making progress in double-quick time, I wonder how they can manage it.”

Monday 02, May 2011

  Calvin Harrison fails drug test

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Calvin Harrison fails drug testThe drugs crisis in athletics deepened when Calvin Harrison, America’s Olympic and world gold medallist, joined Britain’s Dwain Chambers in testing positive for a banned drug.

Harrison like Chambers is coached by the Ukrainian Remi Korchemny.

Sweden’s Arne Ljungqvist, the anti-doping chief for the International Olympic Committee as well as the International Association of Athletics Federations said, “Apparently, there’s an epidemic among track athletes of narcolepsy in the United States.”